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    How to remove the bracket under the coil pack?

    I have a 1993 ford explorer. V6. Im working on the valve cover gasket replacement on the passengers side. How do I remove the bracket underneath the coil pack? The bracket has 2 bolts on the top and 1 in a really tough place to reach on the left of the coil pack, down . I have already taken...
  2. D

    No fluid when bleeding front driver side brakes

    So we replaced the pads, and later the calipers. About 3 weeks later the driver's side tire locked up/caliper seized. I took both calipers off to be safe, sprayed both with PB BLAST, let soak, wiped off the gunk. Cleaned everything with Brake Cleaner, then sprayed the calipers with heavy duty...
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    Help me identify evap service port?

    I’m looking for a replacement, it broke off and I don’t know the name of it or where to find. White quick connect from evap purge valve to intake I believe
  4. Y

    bank 1 and 2 lean codes fix?

    hey guys so i just picked up a 1998 ford explorer sport (2 door v6) 88k miles magically the CEL came on after 250 miles of driving (i know i should have checked to see if it was reset) codes were P0171 and P0174. -I ran some injector cleaner thru and dry gas as well, reset and light came back...
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    Egr valve hole??

    Hi I changed my egr valve today and the one I picked up from Autozone has a hole that I never seen before on the side of it? The new one makes the truck run worse because of the hole... It just pushs air out like an exhaust leak. Any thoughts or anyone know why that hole is there?
  6. P

    V8 Valve Tune-up

    Do these engines need their valves adjusted? 154,x.. miles
  7. J

    valve covers rtv' surging

    Well this weekend proved to be one huge mess. My valve covers were leaking again so we decided to fix the problem one more time. The bolt on the back of the alternator broke the rest of the way friday night (was partially broken since i bought the vehicke 2 years ago) had a guy fix that thank...
  8. J

    need valve covers for 4.0 ohv

    Need a rust free good set of valve covers for my 2000 explorer 4.0 ohv. Apparently doing the gaskets twice in a lil over a year has not stopped the oil leak and now im trying to find a good set and have had no luck locating them in the aftermarket parts
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    91 Ranger RABS valve and ABS Light - Resolved

    So Here's the deal. My father In-Law brought over his 91 Ford Ranger 3.0 XLT for a simple idle issue. While looking in to it, I found a host of issues that I have resolved with the help of these forums and the interwebs. However, many posts I reviewed did not often end with resolutions or feed...
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    5r55w solenoid replacement only goes in reverse

    Hello everyone. I am having transmission problems with an 02 explorer 5r55w that had a bad solenoid A that cause shifting problems; intermittent O/D flashing; and unable to turn O/D on and off. We had purchased a used solenoid pack that seemed to test out fine through ohm resistant setting...
  11. Bleeder screws with a built in check valve.

    Bleeder screws with a built in check valve.

    Motormite/Dorman/Help sell bleeder screws with a built in check valve to make bleeding the brake system a one person job.
  12. L

    Valve body gasket.

    hi guys am new to this site, did alot of reading some time ago, about the 1997 explorer xlt, thought this is a very good place to get "knowledge" about this as ford decided they wanted to charge 4000 dollars for an overhaul, and 5000 for the timing redone, so i smiled and walked away with a dumb...
  13. P

    Valve cover Bolts size??

    Does anyone knows the size Bolts for the valve cover for a 1999 ford expolorer 4.0 sohc?
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    EVAP Canister Purge Valve Cleaning

    So, I have been lurking for a while on the forum, been reading and using everyone's knowlege, so I figured I would give some back. First, some background... I bought a 1996 Explorer 5.0 2wd, 124k miles. It came from around Temecula California, for those of you that dont know thats in the...
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    1994 EX a4ld valve body replacement.

    Okay so yesterday i removed my a4ld valve body expecting to clean it and re install it... NOT THE CASE. the 34 shift bore and a couple others are SCRATCHED!!! and they were stuck in place. The valve body when removed was very dirty. I am wondering before i buy a replacement off of ebay Would a...
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    the transmission Dilemma continues

    Okay so Merry Christmas everyone, I spent my saturday removing a valve body to finally solve the problems my transmission has been having It was very dirty I still have to go buy brake cleaner so i can properly clean it but From what ive done it was extremely dirty. with that wonderful metal...
  17. 1992 Aerostar brake combination valve.

    1992 Aerostar brake combination valve.

  18. P

    Job1 PCV Valve.

    So i found out today that I have a job1 sport trac. I need to change my PCV but can't find the part anywhere. I even went to my local Ford dealership who are idiots and didn't know that there was a difference in job1 and 2. Can anyone point me in the direction of this part? Either a store or...
  19. Schrader valve.

    Schrader valve.

  20. Job 1 PCV Valve

    Job 1 PCV Valve

    Job 1 PCV Valve
  21. Job 1 PCV Valve

    Job 1 PCV Valve

    Job 1 PCV Valve
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    locating the egr valve 4.0

    im having a little trouble locating my egr valve. I have looked for it even calling parts houses and using other resources to locate it. am i just an idiot who cant find it or does it not have one(i know some motors did not have this system)
  23. Q

    RABS Modulator Bypass

    Something potentially deadly happened to my X so I just wanted to run it by everyone to see if it is common... So the other month I took off down the driveway, press the brakes to stop and I was just met with mush under my foot. I stopped, barely. Checked the fluid, fine - no RABS light...
  24. M

    Help me with check engine light please!

    My check engine light comes on every time i drive in my 94 X. It comes on after about 2 miles of driving and stays on until i turn my car off. then does it all over again when i drive somewhere else. i did a scan and got codes 335, 327, and 332. Don't know what to replace first. I was thinking...
  25. A4LD valve body break out view (2 solenoids).

    A4LD valve body break out view (2 solenoids).