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washer fluid

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    Washer Fluid Suddenly Not Working

    So my washer fluid had been low, but it was coming out a little bit at a time, it finally ran completely out. The pump was working until 2 hours ago when it ran out, I stopped and picked up some fluid, filled it all the way up until it said "Washer Fluid Ok" on the system check. Then I push on...
  2. D

    Wiper Blade Skipping

    Hi Everyone, I own a 2018 Ford Explorer Platinum 3.5L V6. So far the vehicle has been pretty good going. One issue that bugs me is my wiper blades/arms. They always skip/hop/rattle/judder across the windscreen whenever they are used. I replaced the stock wiper blades with some Bosch Beam Icon™...
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    washer fluid issues

    My 99 has a few issues I was wondering if anyone on here has the same issues and any ideas on how to fix them. First of all I've had my explorer in the shop 3 times in one week or try to get pay washer fluid fixed, the first two times it did nothing, the third time I got it back it worked for...
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    windshield washer fluid not being dispensed?

    I have a 2000 XLT Ex and when I push in the stalk on the steering wheel, windshield washer fluid doesn't get dispensed to the windshield. I can't even hear a noise that it wants to work. Is there a motor for windshield wiper fluid or is there something else I should check? Where would the...