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  1. S

    Timing chain tensioner leak

    I replaced the left head timing chain tensioner on my Sport Trac, but I didn't realize that it was not threading into the head straight. I removed it and put it in straight with a new washer, and tightened it to the correct torque, my torque wrench could easily be out of calibration, because...
  2. H

    2013 Ford Explorer washer fluid nozzles not spraying?

    Hey all, I have a 2013 Ford Explorer base model. The windshield washers are no longer spraying at all. You can hear a pump/motor noise when you press the button for them to spray, but nothing is coming out of either nozzle. The reservoir is full. 1.) Does this sound like an issue with the...
  3. 3

    91 Ranger 4.0l Manual Transmission

    Hi, I had to replace the slave cylinder on my Ranger. Had to drop the tranny to get to it. In order to drop the tranny, I separated the transfer case from the transmission and when I was got them separated, I noticed a very thin, now mangled washer lying on the driveway. Ford dealership wasn't...
  4. D

    Wiper Spray Issue

    Question to all the 2013 Explorer owners out there. Is the front washer spray supposed to spray before the front wipers activate. I'm currently running into them wiping a dry windshield before the spray comes out. Should have nothing to do with the "courtesy wipe" (what a name).
  5. davidsauve

    Washer Pump not pumping

    I have a '97 Explorer. The rear pump works, but the front pump does not - no sound when activating the front washer. The multiswitch is good, I test 12VDC at the pump terminals when activating it. But my existing pump, two used pumps and a new pump from the autostore do not make a noise when...
  6. W

    One fix for rear window washer not working

    Hello everyone. Thought I would contribute a little knowledge gained on my '04 XLS. Especially since someone else's thread helped me with a A/C problem. I didn't find another thread for this gen of Explorer so I figured I would go ahead and put it on here. Just purchased my Explorer and got...
  7. MC05XLS

    3rd Gen washer pump out, both wipers work.

    Right before I loaded my Ex on a U-Haul trailer, my washer pump quit. It's not my stalk switches as when I push the wash mode for front or rear, the wipers will work, but nothing comes out. I tried it with the engine off, and I can't hear the pump running. I can't find a listing for a fuse or...
  8. I

    1991 windshield washer motor not working

    I just bought this old girl. Runs like a top but the windshield washer motor doesn't work. Pulled the plug and checked the voltage and it was only about 4 volts. What;s with that? I was going to put 12 volts to the motor to see if it was any good, nut decided I'd check with you people first. Is...
  9. Left_side_primed