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water pump

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    Getting ready for Water Pump R&R on 2000 Eddie Bauer 4.0 SOHC

    Will be replacing the water pump on my 2000 Eddie Bauer with a 4.0 SOHC (Towing package). I've read that possibly the radiator may need to come out as to provide the necessary clarence to get the water pump out. Is this the case? what setup / packages / trim requires that extra step of pulling...
  2. T

    New member from Indiana...

    Hello all I'm an owner of a 2011 Ford explorer limited. I just come on here to get some tips and tricks for my limited also to find out about the water pump issues. Water pump went out on me a couple days ago now I got water in my oil car won't run just checking to see if maybe there's some kind...
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    Is this the water pump leaking? [pics]

    Trying to figure out if that is the water pump leaking coolant. Trying to get Old Blue back in shape! Used dye and a black light. Here's a link to the pictures Thanks!
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    2019 Explorer Sport Water Pump Advice

    Hi, My wife and I currently own a Honda CRV . We have not owned it long but just found out we have another child on the way and have out grown the CR V . I’ll admit I’ve never found it comfortable for long drives and neither has my wife, so I’m not upset about selling it. we found a Ford dealer...
  5. E

    2001 Explorer 4.0L fan clutch

    Well guys I’ve been having a problem with my X running hot threw these summer months. Temp gauge goes 3/4 to the H sometimes more depending on how hot it is outside. I blast the heat gauge goes back down. I’ve check coolant level it’s always full. Changed thermostat 3X made sure that all 3 work...
  6. L

    Coolant Leak on Front of Engine (2007 4.6L V8 Mountaineer)

    Hi everyone. Over the past few months I noticed a very small amount off coolant on my driveway when the vehicle cools down after a long drive. It was never a concerning amount and due to the vehicles age I was not too concerned. I monitored the reservoir and it never reached a low level...
  7. J

    That's not suppossed to happen right? Radiator hose + sidewall of the radiator broken.

    Hi again posting here because of an issue, this time is, the part where the coolant reservoir hose connects to the radiator broke, and the the part that connects the water pump hose to the radiator also broke, probably the entire radiator assembly or just the plastic part? heres the video that...
  8. C

    Preventive water pump replacement or extended warranty

    Got a sweet deal on an immaculate 2014 PIU at state auction. You can barely even hear the 3.7L engine running! It was a State Trooper unit, so it has high highway miles at 170,000. I'm debating on spending $300-400 on an extended powertrain warranty to take me to 200,000 or to just go ahead...
  9. C

    2020 Explorer Water Pump Design

    Is the 3.0 V6 water pump design the same as the previous 3.5? Will it leak into engine and tear it up having to replace engine? Seams like Ford would have fixed it considering the class action law suit.
  10. A

    Water pump replacement parts list

    after reading threads about the water pump issue, im changing mine as preventive maintenance. my 16 platinum have 110k on the clock so i prefer to do that and not to loose the engine.. Can someone provide the parts list needed in order to change the pump? Im doing this myself, other than pump...
  11. 3

    Possible t-stat housing or water pump leaking... can’t get a good view angle

    2000 rwd with 4.0 soho with ac. i have a coolant leak which appears to be coming from the right side (pass) of the pump. I just can’t get a good look at it to really verify it. I am thinking to pull off the alternator, alt bracket, and tensioner just to verify it. May put everything back on...
  12. A

    Engine turns over and runs for 2 seconds but immediately stops

    2005 Ford Explorer Sportrac So I put in a new water pump. When I tried to start the truck the engine turned over and ran for about 2 seconds but then immediately turned off. Upon further inspection I noticed that the cooling fan doesn't spin freely. I don't remember if it was hard to turn...
  13. D

    Replace water pump pulley?

    My 2004 engine is squeaking horribly more when accelerator is pushed. I’ve changed the belt and no change but I’ve narrowed it down to the water pump pulley area. So is it possible to change the water pump pulley and would that change the bearing also? Thanks
  14. F

    Dumping Coolant

    In the last year my 91 Ex has been steadily loosing coolant, causing it to overheat. When I first noticed this it was a minor amount, but progressively got worse. Then I noticed that even when the coolant levels were topped off, it would still overheat a little on hills. It's kind of hard to...
  15. J

    Solved Overheating/coolant overflow

    I have a 92 explorer. It overheated yesterday after driving around a hilly park at slow speeds for about a half hour. I cooked it down and put water and what coolant I had in it. Now idling in the driveway it starts to heat up after 5 minutes and coolant starts overflowing from the fill tank...
  16. Equine Explorer

    HELP - name this hose?!?!

    I am in the process of replacing the original radiator on my 98 Exploder 5.0L. Figured I'd go ahead and replace water pump while I was in there since there was tons of rust and grit in the coolant system. (flushed system with prestone kit before removing busted radiator) While removing hoses...
  17. M

    Coolant Leak, possibly from engine?

    When I parked today on an upward incline, shut off the engine and got out to look under my Ex, coolant was coming out in a stream which eventually dwindled down to a drip... I thought I've been leaking oil, but it appears it's coolant which is good and bad to me. Coolant appears to be coming...
  18. A

    Coolant disappearing, where's it coming from though...

    So I've know that I had a few minor leaks since I got my Explorer last year. I just recently replaced my valve cover gaskets and cleaned up that minor oil leak. Now I have a coolant leak that seems to be getting worse. I had thought it was this hose here This is on the bottom driver side of the...
  19. A

    Coolant leak with video showing leak spots

    New to the forum. I live up North and am trying my best to winterize my car before the snow starts. For a year now, I have noticed that my coolant level drops in my explorer very quickly. Last winter I had to fill it up with one entire jug of radiator fluid every 3-4 weeks. A year later, my...
  20. W

    2003 Explorer, Continuous Water Pump Problems

    I am looking for advice on continuous water pump problems, 2003 Explorer, 4L, V6. We are the 3rd owner. Here's some history: Original Owner Records: Nov 2004 - Coolant Recovery Tank, Tstat, and Oring Replaced Nov 2006 - Owner complained of leaking coolant. Pressure tested and found water...
  21. M

    97 5.0 - how to/ how long to remove timing cover- water pump, broken bolt

    hi Guys, A lot of good information about bolts rusting and snapping when replacing the water pump. My 97 5.0L has two broken bolts in it right now because they rusted out. Mechanic is suggesting we remove the engine and oil pan etc for 10+ hours. I found on here that he should be able to remove...
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    Water pump leak?

    Yesterday I made a 17 mile drive in the city,80% surface streets with some traffic. A/C on low or off(most of the time.) Picked up a friend and about 4 blocks from the destination- I noticed the temp needle pegged at H. No steam coming from under hood. Btw, this is a stock 01 Ford Explorer Sport...
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    99 problems!!!

    So here's my many issues. I just bought a 1991 explorer 4x4, 5 speed manual. Monster exhaust leak. Think I need new headers. My main problem, is the explorer sometimes overheats when idling. Temp gauge goes back to normal when driving. I have HORRIBLE gas mileage. (Tune up coming today). Second...
  24. J

    01 Sport Trac- Coolant Leak

    I recently noticed that my coolant reservoir was completely empty so I took a trip to Autozone and got a jug of coolant and filled the reservoir to the cold fill line. About a week later I popped the hood to discover again that my coolant reservoir was empty. Upon further investigation with a...
  25. T

    radiator not circulating but temp gauge is not going to hot

    Hello, I am stumped and am at a loss. The radiator on my explorer is not circulating so I intially thought it was the thermostat and changed it. That didn't work so I also flushed the radiator. Still the same issue. When you turn the car on with the radiator cap off you can hear the car change...