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    2015 sport w 115K, waterpump ???

    I'm looking at this 2015 Sport model. It's in REALLY nice shape, 1 owner, well taken care of. It does have 115K on it. In all my research I really found only 2 things that could go wrong (well, more likely to go wrong) on these. Wondering if you could share your opinions on it; 1. The PTU unit...
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    Truck over heating

    When I arrived home last night I noticed steam coming from my hood so I opened it to check it out. The right side of my engine had antifreeze covering it and saw some splashes on the top of the hood on the right side. On the way to work this morning it overheated so I assume it spit all my...
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    Coolant leak(s) at 128k miles.

    id like to first state that i do not own an explorer. however i am a freelance mechanic. i currently am fixing all that is wrong with a customers sport trac and one of the issues is a steady leak originating from high on the left bank of the motor. now, today i tried isolating where the coolant...