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wheel alignment

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    Passenger Side Wheel walk

    So I replaced both front bearings in my 04 Explorer XLT 4WD. I purchased it with EXTREMELY bad passenger side bearing. After replacement I noticed a sharp pop from that side when I make a sharp right turn, sometimes a noise of some kind of friction, then BOOM, it stops. On road right wheel has a...
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    Death shake????

    okay so i have noticed that when i get on the freeway or highway my explorer gets a bad wobble at about 60 MPH every time. The faster go, the worse it gets. im supposed to be taking a trip from idaho to texas and need this problem solved!
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    Explorer 2008 factory wheel alignment specs

    Does anyone have the factory wheel alignment specs for a 2008 Explorer (US model). My tyre dealer in Dubai reckons he hasn't got the data for my vehicle. If anyone could point me towards it or post it here I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance