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  1. R

    Limited Wheel Color

    Hey All, I'm trying to find some paint to touch up the curb marks on my 2014 Explorer Limited. Does anyone know the paint code/where I can buy? Thanks Rob
  2. Bobs2018ExplorerSport

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  3. M

    Hello :) Ticking / Clicking noise heard when rotating steering wheel

    I'm new to the forum and wanted to say Hello and also am curious about the problem I'm noticing on our 2017 Explorer XLT. When turning the steering wheel, I hear a ticking / clicking noise that sounds like maybe a clockspring issue in the steering column. I'm curious if anyone else has had a...
  4. T

    Wheel offset without causing issues

    Hello Everyone, I have reviewed a few other threads but cant seem to get a clear answer. I have a 08' Explorer XLT with stock 16 inch rims that has a 44mm offset. I am wanting to install a 16 or 17 inch rim that has 0mm or 12mm offset. What, if any, issues may occur with the install of such a...
  5. 2

    After Market Wheel Size Question

    I’m looking into replacing my stock 15” wheels with some 16x8 0 5x114.3 wheels. I’ve searched the site and see that the bolt pattern is correct at 5x114.3 but the offset is confusing me. These wheels have 0 offset so I’m wondering if 255/70r16 tires will work with these wheels on my truck...
  6. H

    4th Gen Wheel/Tire Upgrade.. HELP!!

    Hi all! This is my first post here. I've looked into your thread many times for info and advice and was hoping to get some help. I've been slowly setting up my truck for overland camping. Been waiting for my stock tires to wear out and the time has just about come. What would be the largest...
  7. M

    Short grind noise in drive

    I have a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT. I get a very short metal grinding noise for a split second at exactly 13 miles per hour when accelerating. I hear it happen around the driver's side front tire and I can feel it in the brake pedal. It only happens ONCE per trip. It doesn't happen again...
  8. P

    Need new Rims 2007 limited

    I have no clue on much more than driving the truck. I do love it though. A week ago I hit a rim in the middle of the road. Insurance (theirs) is paying for the damage. Basically, the two passenger side rims Wheels are bad and I need new tires. The ones that are on mine are $800 each and cant be...
  9. S

    2020 Explorer 21" Aluminum Wheels Compatability

    Anyone here have a clue if the 21 inch rims for the 2020 explorers will fit the 2011-2019 models? Interested to know than murder my wallet with a set of aftermarkets.
  10. Z

    Wheel and Tire combo?

    I’m curious on wether or not anyone would have some information on the smallest wheel biggest tire combo that can be put on a stock suspension 2018 expo base. Also open to some suggestions on all terrain tires that you guys have experience using.
  11. M

    2008 Exp Vibration/Noise???

    I have the 2008 Eddie Bauer with V8 4wd with just over 200k on it. I have a noise and vibration that gets worse the faster you go. I've had a mechanic look at it at least 3 times for it and has not found any wheel bearing bad, but this time he mentioned the front diff pinion bearing race might...
  12. D

    Rear Wheel-spin While Driving On Wet Roads

    Picked up my 1992 Mazda Navajo LX today. Automatic transmission. She's got the D4 axle code, so 3.73 limited-slip front and rear differentials. 4x4, but the button assembly is missing, so I haven't checked if the old auto hubs lock up yet. So, I live in Washington. It rains. A lot. It was...
  13. E

    99 Explorer XLT 2wd wheel and tire sizes without lift

    Hey, sorry if this is somewhere else I'm still new. I would like to know what wheel and tire I could fit without rubbing on a stock Explorer and no lift.
  14. D

    Need help identifying wheels.

    I need to replace a wheel on a 2014 Explorer, but can not for the life of me find anything close to what is currently on it. The wheel says "ZR Alloy", has 8 dual spokes. Anyone seen these before? If so, where could I find a replacement? Thanks.
  15. M

    What size Torx socket to remove steering wheel?

    I'm looking for the correct size torx socket or bit to remove the steering wheels main mounting bolt. Also anyone know where to find one? preferably in a kit? The largest I have is a T45. Can't find anything larger in any stores, also off hand what is that bolt torqued to?
  16. M

    What would cause outer tire tread to wear faster than inner?

    Hi all, I've had my tires for about a year now, as I remember I got them for winter last year. They cost me around $800 and still have plenty of life on them. However I've been noticing that the outer tread appears to be wearing much faster than the middle and inner tread. What are the...
  17. J

    3rd Gen wheels - TPMS vs non-TPMS

    I haven't found a straight answer anywhere. I'm currently looking for a used wheel to replace a damaged 17x7.5 6 dual spoke wheel for a 2005 mountaineer. I keep finding these wheels listed as either TPMS or non-TPMS. I even asked a couple of the sellers, and they didn't have any useful info...
  18. 2

    Front caliper pins.

    Can you remove and grease the front caliper pins without having to compress the caliper Pistons? I'm changing the front bearings tomorrow and I also want to grease the pins while I'm at it. I also have to use two brands of bearings unfortunately as usps lost my package that had the inner...
  19. E

    Different Size Tire Than Factory

    Hey guys So I bought my '01 Sport used about 4 months back and noticed that I needed new tires as the tread was pretty low. Now that I'm done with school for the summer and making enough money to afford a set, I ran into a problem. The factory size for the '01 Sport is 235/75/15 yet the tires...
  20. F

    Noise while driving

    Hello everybody, this is my first post in explorerforum. I bought my 2002 Ford Explorer XLT (157k) 1 year ago. There is a noise coming from the back when I drive at any speed. The faster I go, the louder it gets. The noise feels like if a tire was flat and it was rubbing against the road...
  21. K

    '02 Explorer 4x4 problems

    I just bought a used '02 Explorer 4x4 and it's stuck in 4 High. I think the problem is the 4x4 module behind the glove box. If I try to shift in neutral, the 4 Low light just blinks. Before getting it fixed or the transfer case, if that's it, can I remove the front drive shaft so I don't cause...
  22. J

    Right front wheel feel flat but is NOT

    1994 FORD EXPLORER XLT: I have replaced the tires and installed new bearings, but I am still getting a "thunk" like I am driving on a flat. It is on the right front wheel. Not sure what to look for?? The 4WD doesn't work. Could that be part of it. U-joint? Axle? This is a project car for...
  23. J

    Camaro SS 20" rims to XLT

    Anyone done it? Below are the specs I found, wondering would i have to buy spacers or would they even fit? 02' XLT: BOLT PATTERN: 5x114.3 (5x4.5) STUD SIZE: 1/2"x20mm HUB / CENTER BORE: 70.6mm OFFSET: 25-40mm (M/H) Camaro 2010-2013 Size: 20" x 8", 5x120.7 (5x4.75) +35mm offset...
  24. N

    ASWC-1 Installation help

    I just installed a pioneer avh-4500bt into my car. I tried installing the aswc-1 steering wheel audio control adapter. I have the red wire wired correctly and the black wire grounded (which I'm pretty sure I can just connect to the black wire of the aftermarket stereo wiring harness) but I...
  25. S

    Want to buy some wheel spacers but don't know what would fit on my X

    Hey guys, I have a 1998 explorer, pretty much stock except for the new all terrain tires I just put on it. I want to put some spacers on to make my wheels stick out farther but I don't know what would fit. Any suggestions?