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whining while accelerateing

  1. J

    Whining high pitch sound when accelerating at lowers speeds

    Hi, I recently purchased a 2013 Ford Explorer with 56K miles. After a few minutes driving and when accelerating at lower speeds, the car is making a high pitched sound/noise that seems to be related to the speed of the car as the noise starts to disappear as the speed reaches 40 mph. I think...
  2. N

    Howling or whining noise after 30mph only accerlating.. Other issues??

    I have a 2008 ford explorer xlt with 70k miles. I have noticed that when im driving, after it kicks into 4th gear or after about 30mph (depending on how hard i am on the gas) i start yo hear a howl/whine noise. I can hear inside the truck. If i let go off the gas, it goes away. If i slightly...