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    A Variety Of Concerning Sounds Coming From My Front End

    Hey everyone, I just bought a 2007 Ford Explorer XLT, 4.0L V6, 4x4. When I purchased it a few days ago it test drove just fine other than a humming noise which the owner told me was due to a bad wheel bearing. 2 days ago I put a new wheel bearing and hub assembly in on the passenger side and...
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    Help with whining sound from transmission/transfercase

    Today I changed both the transfer case sensors because my 4x4 wasn't shifting into low. It now works but for some reason when i drive above 20 mph I hear a whining sound. It continues to get higher until I slow down then gets lower. I cant imagine replacing the sensors could of caused this but...
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    Differential Replacement for 2003 4wd Explorer

    The rear differential was just rebuilt/replaced in my 2003 4wd Ford Explorer. It is making noise again and I wonder about the fluid that was put in it. Any recommendations - do I need to do a complete fluid change? TIA
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    2010 spot trac humming noise front

    humming /whining sound from front end. Not all the time , but most times . When noise is there , turning the wheel slightly changes the frequency of the noise. Appears to come from front left. Noise loud enough that i cannot hear my normal engine or exhaust sound. What could this be. Thanks in...
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    2 wheel bearings-that's not it

    :salute:ok, we have the 2007 4x4 explorer. This thing has been one mystery after another but getting there. Had one wheel bearing done by pro and the $700 bill told my hubby, the other one, ill do myself! He put it in and all was well for about 2 days... Started to hear a whining esp after...
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    rear diff whining?!?!

    ok so i bought my explorer back in feb and it needed a new transmission in it (136,000km/86,000miles) after installing it (5days ago) i am now driving it everyday but after 80km/h i get a loud whining/rubbling sound from the rear diff, the 4x4 modual is also playing up as i dont have 4x4 low...
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    New Member - transmission issues

    I've been a long time reader of this forum and have actually found solutions to my 2005 Explorers problems in the past. However I recently could not find this new issue I am dealing with so I needed to join (long overdue) to post this question to see if anyone else is dealing with this...
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    EXPLORER 1999. KNOCKING WHINING from the front drive?

    HELP!! Hi, this is my first post :) I have, or should I say my mother is driving (like she stole it) my, Ford Explorer 1999 4.0L V6. The problems I have experienced (in the passenger seat.. with my nails dug firmly into the dashboard) lol are: from starting up 1st thing in the...
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    Help with WEIRD drivetrain noise...

    I have done a few searches, but I think I need a little bit better of an explanation than I've found. Here are my symptoms: 1994 Explorer 4x4 (w/manual hubs) When I'm on the highway, I get a loud "whining/whurring" noise from the driveline. I can't tell if it's the rear diff or the...