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    5r55s Whirring and Limp Mode

    Some background - I've had my 2004 Explorer v6 4wd for probably 3 years now, and feels like I've replaced pretty much everything. The transmission went out about a year ago, so I pulled a junkyard tranny and swapped it in, at which point I also put in a reman torque converter and applied the...
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    2014 Explorer Drive train whirr noise

    Hi all, at about 60000mi I'm getting a fairly loud whirr from the drive train. I jacked up front both wheels of the ground and wheels spin together by hand ok, no obvious sign of bearing issues, did same for rear. Gets louder the faster I go. Almost sounds as if I had a set of super...
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    Noise when pressing gas pedal

    I have a 96 xlt 5.0 AWD and there is a whirring sound that comes and goes when pressing and letting off of the gas pedal, sounds like its on passenger side. I'm not sure what it is but doubt its the bearings (changed some before and doesnt have that kind of sound). Basically Im just looking for...
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    Whirring sound on passenger side

    I have a whirring sound coming from the passenger side possibly from wheel well area. Starts at certain speeds about 35-40mph and when I'm pressing gas pedal then goes away when coasting. Not sure what it could be but any input as to what it might be will be appreciated.