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will not start

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    Tried Everything I could think of. Truck won't start!!!

    My brother has a 1999 Ford Explorer 4.0L OHV. He was driving it a month and a half ago when it started making like a clattering noise (could of been it sputtering or backfireing). It died and would not start so we towed it home let it sit for awhile and it still will not start. turns over but...
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    Starter Relay???2000Ford Explorer Limited 5.0

    2000 Ford Explorer Limited 5.0 So this is how the whole issue started... I needed to switch out a fuse for the cig lighter. I went out and printed a copy of the internal fuse diagram since i bought my explorer off of craigslist with no owners manual. I switched out the cig lighter and...
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    Help! fuel pump or electrical

    Hello, I have a 74 Bronco with a wire management form Ford Racing (I think it was 85 mustang wire set up.) Im running a gt40p 5.0 1997 Explorer engine and have had good sucess for 2 years. Im having a problem now that Im wondering if I could get some ideas how to fix / trouble shoot. This...