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  1. Z

    Explorer makes this winding/clanking sound when coasting.

    I've had my 93 explorer for almost about a year now. And it has always made this winding/clanking sound (don't really know how to explain it) when I'm coasting down a road. When I give it gas, it goes away immediately. And it doesn't always make that sound when coasting. Honestly, I've never...
  2. C

    Rattle Noise on Cold Startup, Winding Noise Varies with RPMs when Cold

    Hello, I have a 04 Mounty 4.6L V8 with 96,000 mi. and it is making a horrible rattle and scraping noise for a couple seconds immediately after a cold start. Then it will make a winding noise that gets louder and faster as RPMs increase. The winding noise goes away after the engine warms up...