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  1. J

    Bad Wiper Blades?

    Hi Gang I haven't had my new ST for 2 full weeks yet, but I have had some rain storms that show some flaws in the front wipers. It's probably just less than great wiper blades, but they have left streaks and have not flopped over to pull water from the windshield at times causing a poor wipe and...
  2. rasouth

    No wipers.

    Hey guys... I have posted this problem before and have worked on it off and on, trying to narrow it down. The problem is my front wipers do not work when using the multi function switch, (turn signal). I have checked all relays, fuses, wires and connections, check for continuity, tested the MFS...
  3. N

    Wipers on with remote start?

    I noticed the wipers do not go when remote started. With snow starting here I find it is going to be very annoying without the wipers when remote starting. As when get out to go with vehicle will be mostly ice covered from defrost without wipers. At least with the wipers it will remove the snow...
  4. A

    Front windshield wipers and washer don't work

    :mad:99 Explorer Front windshield wipers quit during a rainstorm - checked 30 a fuse and changed it, changed the relays around - still won't work. Suspect wiper motor failure. Any ideas or troubleshooting?
  5. R

    2002 Questions Thanks in advance!

    Hey everyone, Rocco here. New to the Forum. I've browsed it for years when I've had trouble with my '02 Explorer, always with great success. This time I haven't quite found what I'm looking for, so I joined the forum in the hopes one of you might have an answer for me. As mentioned above...
  6. R

    2001 sport trac winshield wiper, washer, interior lights not working

    good day serious explorers, i am a newbie here and i would just like to ask helps from you. i have a 2001 sport trac. windshield wipers and washers, interior lights(reading lamps) do not work and the one touch function of the driver's mirror do not also work. all fuses and relays are working and...
  7. J

    01 Sport Trac Wipers AND 4x4 Not Working!

    the wipers on my sport trac will not work. Also, the 4x4 will not engage. It will not respond in any way when turning the switch. No lights, not a noise, no nothing! I've been reading some on here and think it might be the 4x4 Module? I could be wrong. Any ideas? I've checked all fuses and...
  8. H

    Wiper problem diagnosis

    I have searched this forum for a similar problem and have come up short, so any help would be appreciated. Wipers on 2004 Explorer Eddie Bauer operate perfectly at times and sporadically at others. Sometimes to get front (and rear) wipers to go. I tap the MFS to flash the highbeams. This will...
  9. E

    Wiper issue

    Ok, so my 1995 explorer has a problem where the intermittent wipers behave strangely. The constant on low/high work perfectly and park correctly. The two highest speeds for the intermittent function usually work correctly, but the rest of the speeds seem to go whenever they want. I will turn...
  10. S

    '02 A/C and windshield wiper problem

    I have an '02 with a V8. Recently my A/C has started blowing hot, but sometimes starts blowing cold again after I restart my car again. I have also noticed that when the A/C blows hot the windshield wipers don't work and do work when it blows cold. Is there any way I can fix this myself (very...
  11. G

    2002 Sport Issues

    Guys, I've found this website IMMENSELY helpful over the years. I've owned a 91 explorer and now I have an 02 Sport w/ 80k. I've had about 2 years. I have a few issues with the sport and would like some opinions: #1 Fuel Gauge works on and off half the time. Half the time its on, and the other...
  12. 9

    4x4 Hi Low lights Flashing, No Wipers

    Can anyone help me on this, my 98 Explorer has developed a habit, although not all of the time where the 4x4 Hi and Low lights flash 6 times pause and then do it again. When the lights are flashing, 4x4 and the Wipers/Washer don't work. I did try resetting the computer, with no luck... Still...
  13. T

    wipers not shutting off at all

    Hey....I let my inlaws borrow my 03 explorer (I know, I know), and they brought it back and said "I broke your car". Apparently they meant the wipers. The wipers will only shut off when you pull the 30 amp "Maixi-Fuse" under the hood, or you dissconnect the battery. I have tried to replace the...