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wire diagram

  1. Z

    2002 X o2 wiring diagram

    2002 Ford Explorer 4.6l and my passenger side o2 connector was melted and the replacement bwd pt5525 does not have the same wire or colors. So Im looking a way to connect the factory grey/red, red/white, grey/Lt blue, and red/yellow wires to the replacement o2 pigtail plug in connector. Photos...
  2. S


    Ok I have a duzy for anyone that can help me with my brake light situation...My brake light will not come on....All three..I know the brake switch is good and i know there is power to it and coming out when the pedal is pushed...And thats where i am at.. I have checked the fuses and all are...
  3. V

    List of Useful Threads wiring diagram

    hi i have wiring diagrams for the latest ford models, if you need a specific one just ask!
  4. T

    Sunroof wire daigram!!

    I have a 2002 Sport trac. Can't find a wire diagram worth using anywhere. The truck was wrecked, so the new sunroof is from a 2001. The wires coming from the truck and the wires coming from the sunroof are different colors. Need the wire diagram for a 2001 and 2002!!! Someone know any links to...
  5. deewan

    Explorer Audio upgrade(s)

    I have a 2012 Limited with the Sony 12 speaker system. It's a fine sounding factory system, but I am a bit of an audiophile. I don't purchase commercial speakers for my living room, office, or home theater, instead I build from the ground up (cabinets, crossovers, selecting the best drivers)...
  6. S

    I need help hooking up subs.

    Hey i'm new here, but i just bought a 99 explorer xlt and i have an amp and subs that i want to hook up. I need a power, ground, remote turn on (ignition), and a speaker wire + and -. What colors will those be/where would they be? I figured all of you guys would be the right people to ask...