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wire harness

  1. Mr_Fruffles

    GTR LED ULTRA SERIES....Will it melt what it touches?

    Cannot seem to find the answer to this......will it melt wires or the rubber that the heatsink is touching? I cannot get the entire bulb, wiring, and ballast inside the housing so I instead have the rubber covering directly cutout around the fan on the back of the led bulb and have a wire...
  2. I

    O2 sensor wiring issue

    I needed to change all 02 sensor wires due to some cable burns. I got 4 sensors. Each sensor with4 pins, 2 for the heater and 2 for the signal. In the PCM Pinout 4.0L SOHC as the following pins: The heater is mass controlled by the PCM and connected with a fuse to (+) on the battery. 93 Heated...
  3. H

    The weirdest camera there ever was (installing a back up cam)

    I would directly mention this is not meant to be the most efficient or professional install of a back up camera, this is just a crazy idea I had and something I thought would be fun to do and leave me with a working backup camera should I ever need it. Without further ado.... Hi all, I am...
  4. Z

    2002 X o2 wiring diagram

    2002 Ford Explorer 4.6l and my passenger side o2 connector was melted and the replacement bwd pt5525 does not have the same wire or colors. So Im looking a way to connect the factory grey/red, red/white, grey/Lt blue, and red/yellow wires to the replacement o2 pigtail plug in connector. Photos...
  5. C

    Project Rebuild 1991 Ford Explorer XL

    Hello I am actually in the process of researching all the parts I need for my 1991 ford explorer but, I am having issues understanding what parts and pieces I need to rebuild my engine. I want to build a new engine that can give my car more horsepower and better cool intake system...
  6. V

    List of Useful Threads wiring diagram

    hi i have wiring diagrams for the latest ford models, if you need a specific one just ask!
  7. B

    Ghost in the Machine

    Hi everyone I have a question for you that currently has me stumped. I just purchased a 2005 Sport Trac 4.0 auto with 4x4. Truck has 171000 miles and looks and drive great. Lady who had it drove about 40 miles each way to work so I expect most are highway miles. So out of the gate I did a...
  8. E

    Wire harness chafing impact on AC?

    Dear ExMen, I have a not-so-new-to-me 2007 EB v8. Been my daily driver for 8 months. I put on 16,000 of the total 91,000 miles. The history: In October, had a hot few days and the AC ran great. All winter the defroster performed flawlessly. In March, and only on start up, it began...
  9. W

    Wanted: 95 Explorer Radio harness

    Good Morning, I am looking for a Radio harness from a 95 Explorer, the original harness. Mine was cut, so I got butt connectors for my after market radio, but I want to get the original harness again and Solder it to the original wires, so then I can buy the connector for my new...
  10. O

    Power Mirror Switch Wiring

    I recently tore the driver's side door apart to replace the window motor. During the course of this escapade I some how pulled the black and white wire from the door harness out of the power mirror switch. Could someone please post a photo or a brief description of which terminal this wire...
  11. E

    Need Help, Factory Trailer Lights

    I have an '02 Explorer XLT with the factory tow package installed. It has the 7-pin plug and I bought an adapter at walmart that converts it into a 4-wire plug. The problem is when ever I hook up my trailer the trailer lights don't work. I have checked the 7-pin and it gets juice, I also plugged...
  12. S

    Installing a 6 CD changer into a new head unit. Help!

    I'm changing my stock 6 cd changer unit in my 95 explorer to a new head unit. I bought a new wire harness that has two separate harnesses in it, one for the power and such, and the other for all the speakers. The one harness hooks in fine (the one for the power) but since its a 6 cd changer the...