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  1. J

    Replacement Driver's door wire harness?

    99 Mountaineer power windows don't work because one of the wires is broken in the pillar to door wire bundle. I'll probably just fix the broken wire, but seems like if one wire is shot, there are probably more on their way out, so I'm thinking about replacing that whole door harness. Dealer...
  2. Rhett

    headlight switch connector question

    So I had some intermittent blinking of my interior lights. Knowing the ol fried headlight switch issues we sometimes have, I pulled the dash and pulled the switch and its connector.... Yeah. Ouch! And the switch is getting replaced too. The resistance and heat there got the switch too...
  3. 2

    Spark Plug Boot Question

    Hey everyone. I recently got the code P0304 which indicates a misfire in cylinder 4, and I can feel the truck misfiring at start up. It goes away after about 30 seconds when the engine warms up. I had the plugs and wires replaced about 2 years ago and I just noticed that the boot on plug #4...
  4. K

    How do I install a subwoofer?

    Hi, I recently just bought a sub and amp off of one of my coworkers and he couldn't find the wiring for it so I have to buy new ones (I bought it for $60 so its whatever). But my question is where would I get the wiring I needed? Subwoofer -...
  5. 2

    License plate light wire color?

    Does anyone know what the wire color is for the license plate light? I'm trying to tap into it from the wire loom under the rear seats. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  6. T

    Cab lights?

    I have a 1999 expo, and im trying to install some cab lights on the roof. I already have them mounted, but im not sure where to wire them to. i heard you can splice them into the headlamp switch near the steering wheel, but theres many wires so which color?? Thanks in advance!
  7. D

    2001 B3000 / Ranger Spark Plug Wire Replacement Video

    Hey guys, This is my newest video that will show you how to change the plug wires on our trucks! The worst part are those loom wire holders! Let me know what you think! **Also, if the video was helpful, give it a “thumbs up” on YouTube (it helps me out, thanks)***
  8. R

    New radio help

    I am attempting to install a Pioneer deh-36ui radio into my 97 Explorer xl I got a Scosche stereo connector FDK106 and connected all the wires, but when I connected to the car, the radio was on and working but there was no sound. Any suggestions? Is there a secret mute button that I don't...
  9. T

    Liftgate Wiring Question

    Hi everyone, I am still in the honeymoon stages with my 2003 4.0 Eddie Bauer, and am only just starting to notice the few issues here and there. However, giving it a clean today i noticed a completely severed wire in the housing that feeds to the window lift-gate and most likely the...
  10. Wire mesh is nailed down.

    Wire mesh is nailed down.

  11. Roofing nails secure the wire mesh.

    Roofing nails secure the wire mesh.

  12. Excess wire mesh is trimmed.

    Excess wire mesh is trimmed.

  13. The wire from the light is secured in place.

    The wire from the light is secured in place.

  14. S

    Where's best place near dash to tap into 3rd Gen Reverse Signal Wire Black/Pink?

    I am looking for the best location to tap into the reverse signal wire somewhere under the dash. I need this wire for my back up camera so the closer I can find it to the radio the better. I've been searching and found that this black/pink wire runs under the door sill (driver's side OR pass...
  15. P

    2002 Explorer FIRE! Wires burned. Help!

    My timing chain broke and in an effort to see which or if my cam shafts are spinning I cranked the engine without valve covers. I had the fuel pump disabled as well as the spark plug lines, but something sparked and set that insulating foam b/w the upper intake and the motor on fire. Some things...
  16. P

    Wanting to do a custom instrument cluster

    So i have a 1991 x and my stock oil pressure is sitting on low after i changed the oil pressure sending unit so it must be the gauge so what the hell i want to do a custom instrument panel with all my gauges with lights and maybe a ele. display anyone know how to make one or even buy one...
  17. S

    I need help hooking up subs.

    Hey i'm new here, but i just bought a 99 explorer xlt and i have an amp and subs that i want to hook up. I need a power, ground, remote turn on (ignition), and a speaker wire + and -. What colors will those be/where would they be? I figured all of you guys would be the right people to ask...
  18. S

    Time to change plug wires

    I have a 2001 Ford Explorer. I got it at 113,000 miles and not too long after I replaced the spark plugs. The wires are motorcraft and as far as I know they are stock. It now has 135,000 miles and I checked the resistance with my digital multimeter on a few of the plug wires today and it...
  19. A4LD 3 wire connector.

    A4LD 3 wire connector.

  20. S

    96 speaker install

    ok i just bought some memphis speakers to put in all the doors and i was going to use the wires all the way from the speaker to the head unit that came with the speakers... but i wanted to hide the speakers so it all still looks stock... well after finding out that i was unable to do this i...
  21. Universal 4 wire oxygen sensor pin out.

    Universal 4 wire oxygen sensor pin out.

  22. Each wire has heat shrink tubing.

    Each wire has heat shrink tubing.

  23. Big red wire

    Big red wire

    It's a long way to the back, so I ran 4ga wire run from the battery through the driver side firewall, behind the dash to the passenger side kickplate.
  24. wire


    here is all the wiring for all my lights in the klenex holder