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wiring harness

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    Hello from the Peach State!

    Hi all! My name is Matt, from Georgia! Great to be here! I have a big question and I'm not really sure where to post this yet, but hopefully, if this is the wrong place, some kind soul will redirect me! So here goes... What do I have to do to (wiring wise) to swap a 2001 4.0 Explorer motor to...
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    Mystery Port

    When looking for the port to install my brake control harness, I came across another port on the left hand side of the driver's side. It was behind where the 3 button panel is (liftgate, tow, park assist). I do not have the park assist on my 2016 explorer xlt. Pic of the grey port below and a...
  3. M

    2004 Explorer Odometer Flickering and Oil Pressure Gauge not working

    I have a 2004 explorer 4.0L v6 and I installed some new JDM ASTAR T1 9006 All-in-One Upgrade Vision White LED Headlight Bulbs and after that my odometer started flickering and the pretty much became gibberish. Sometimes the odometer is correct when I start up my car but once I start driving it...
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    5.0 Swap Wiring Questions

    Hello, Im about to start a 5.0 swap into my sporttrac, and was wondering if it was possible to swap the entire wiring assembly from the 5.0 into my sporttrac instead of modifying the sporttrac wiring. The reason being is that I would like to swap over the interior from the limited 5.0 and keep...
  5. K

    ISO Wiring harness diagram

    This forum helped me out a lot with the pillar rattle and other issues I've had so I thought I'd try a little harder one. :) I'm working on running power wires for my new mobile radio and I'm trying to keep the installation simple and clean. I spent some time this evening trying to trace the...
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    Some parts salvage questions

    Hi, this is my first post here. I'm usually on GrandMarq.net, but you guys probably know more about this. I looked around and this is the most active and knowledgable place I saw. I recently bought a 99 Mountaineer 5.0 AWD for $450. It's a salvage title, hit a tree and took out pretty much...
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    Auto to 5 speed wiring harness compatibility checked

    I'm putting a 5 speed manual trans out of 93 ranger 4x4 in95 Explorer 4x4 automatic
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    09 Explorer No star, theft light. Took apart the steering column, fell down a rabbit hole. Help!

    I posted this thread last week looking for some answers (didn't find any) but you can see what my symptoms are: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/index.php?threads/09-explorer-no-start-rsc-service-now-theft-light-blinking-gauge-cluster-dead.446294/ So anyway, I ordered a new transciever since...
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    03 ranger 4x4 5speed 4.0 cab swap

    I wana switch cabs. I have an 03 ranger fx4 stepside 4.0 5speed. What other years, if any, would be easily interchangeable. Maybe 02? Or 04? Also. Its damn near impossible to find a 4.0 5 speed. It took me almost a year to find that combo with the extended cab in the first place. If i were to...
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    2006 XLT Wiring Harness and RAP ??

    I have a 06 XLT v8 with advance trac and I'm wanting to install an aftermarket Head unit because using the factory unit with my Rockford forgave 1500watt amp and subs is a joke. It doesn't even pick up radio stations that I can pick up with a 20 year old Walkman. Anyway, I can't afford the...
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    1998 xlt to limited body wiring harness

    Hi, Ive been using this site to rebuild my sohc explorer motor it has been awesome... the car not so much, worst regrets buying it. I have never encountered such a head f+#$ in my mechanical career. Anyways the motor runs now and sounds good, untill the trans lets go..... lol So the...
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    Audio wiring Harness

    Forgive me, I'm sure this is explained somewhere but I cannot find it. My 2003 explorer had an aftermarket JVC radio in and the rear speakers never worked. I'm 99% sure the problem is in the radio/wiring and not the speakers themselves. I pulled it out and found a rats-nest of wire...
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    where does that one go?

    does anyone know where i can find a readable wiring diagram for my 2000 explorer 4.0 v6 OHV, especially the wiring harness? i have a haynes manual and its impossible, too many wires for such a little brain. :banghead:
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    Difference between 1997 and 1998 wire harness

    As the title suggests, I am looking to find out the difference between the 1997 and 1998 Ford Explorer 5.0L wire harness. The back story I am transplanting a 1998 Explorer 5.0L and 4R70W transmission into a 1977 Ford F100. The original plan was to use everything in the 1998 and have PATS...
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    Wiring Harness Or Pats

    I put a new engine into 98 Ford Explorer, when I turn the key the theft light flashes really fast. The first thing I thought was its a PATS issue but this is my second Explorer and and a similar issue happen to me before, the wiring harness that came with the first Explorer engine wouldnt work...
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    Help with 92 Eddie Bauer sub wiring

    Hey guys, I've got a 92 Eddie Bauer with the Audiophile sound system and was trying to install a Sony Xplod cdx-gt630ui in place of my old HU. I bought the Scosche FDK8B wiring harness to wire it in, but realized that it didn't allow for the sub. In the pic below you can see the two heads I...
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    Travel Trailer Wiring on 2005 Sport Trac

    I've got a 2005 4x4 Sport Trac that I need to have the 8 pin connector for wiring my travel trailer (w/brakes). What I've found so far is a 4 pin connector located under the bumper a little on the drivers side. I've looked around the forum and saw some notes that there MAY be an 8 pin...
  18. N

    Wiring Replacement

    Hey All. I'm having trouble finding a new positive terminal lead for my 93' Sport. So worn out there is bare wire exposed and it's giving me some issues. Any ideas?
  19. A

    Oxygen Sensor wiring harness mixup

    I'm trying to verify that I'm plugging the correct sensors into their respective plugs in the harness. I removed the old sensors, was distracted, and got back to working on replacing the new ones 3 hours later....couldn't remember which plug the left/right one goes in. I looked up the wiring...