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  1. J

    Missing sensor on front lower grille

    Hello everyone and greetings from El Salvador. Recently I bought a 17 Explorer XLT on copart with a front end damage and exported to my country. I'm trying to find a three line sensor/module that goes on the lower part on the front bumper/radiator support. I went to the dealership and they...
  2. F

    2012 Explorer Base Stereo Diagram

    I spent the last 4 hours looking everywhere I could to locate some sort of wiring diagram for my stereo wiring. Would anybody happen to have one or know where I can get one? Thanks. This 2013 one seems to be the closest to match what I have but there are some wires that don’t make sense.
  3. T

    2003 Ford Explorer Sport XLT Stereo Wiring Harness Color code

    Power wiring Black+Black Yellow+Green/purple Red+White/Purple Speaker Wiring Gray+White/Green White+Green/orange White/Black+LightBlue/white Grey/Black+Turquoise/Orange Purple/Black+Black/Pink Purple+Orange/Red Green/Black+Tan/Yellow Green+LightBlue/Grey
  4. D

    Looking for stereo wiring harness model number 98 Explorer

    Looking for a wiring harness. I used Crutchfield. They sent me completely wrong harnesses and a head unit with RCA ports in the back. Can someone help me out? My truck has no sub in the back. Produced in December of 97. Previous owner installed a disc changer. I uploaded pictures of the stock...
  5. J

    2000 Ford Explorer 5.0 wiring

    Hey guys so I did a full 5.0 swap in my 99 Ford Explorer that originally had the 4.0 and I’m kinda stuck I can’t seem too remember where the starter cable was routed threw it has a ground halfway down the cable and I’m just going completely mind blank on where it suppose too go also does anyone...
  6. W

    Where to bring power in at?

    I have a 2014 XLT. I am a first responder and was trying to get a light bar on top, but the cigarette plugs just are not going to be enough for it. I would like to preferably run the wires to the console but I know it's not that easy. I have searched and searched and have not found anything...
  7. N

    Ford PIU Base 2013 - Unable to find upfitter's guide; appears to have been taken down?

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the rubber grommet used for passing wires through the firewall so that I don't have to drill a hole through the firewall (Installing aftermarket fog lights (mine didn't come with them stock) and an LED light bar). Anybody got a copy of the 2013 upfitter's guide, or...
  8. N

    2013 Limited Subwoofer Wiring

    Hello all! This is my first time posting on the forum. I have a question regarding some wiring with my LOC and amplifier I will be installing soon. I am installing an aftermarket 12 inch subwoofer and amplifier. I have the 2013 Limited model with the Sony sound system, and the subwoofer and...
  9. S

    Hello and a question.

    Hello! Ive been a frequent lurker of old threads sifting through different guides and fixes for various problems. Ive finally decided to make an account so that I have more accessability and options on this platform. However, my 04 explorer has been having a strange issue that, thus far, I have...
  10. ecoboost_xsport

    Started Youtube Channel...

    ...and posted a few of the videos I made for installation and some of the work I've done. New to the whole YouTube channel stuff and my videos are all uncut and unedited...on purpose. I let you as a viewer decide what to fast forward through, LOL. I also do work on Harley's so I have those...
  11. M

    Diagnostic mode comes on by itself

    While running the diagnostic mode comes on by itself the gauges go dead and the interior lights come on and it will do it while driving. Also my speedometer will periodically take on a mind of its on going from 75 to 45 back and forth. Plus my gas gauge isn’t working
  12. N

    5r55e Transmission ?Wiring Issues?

    Hello Everyone! First time poster, would like to start with thanks for the add. I have 2004 Ford Sort Trac 4.0 2wd. Truck has very little response in reverse & drive, but has excellent pressure in 1st, 2nd and can be manually shifted to drive. The customer says he had an 2003 Explorer that had...
  13. C

    Power windows dont work anymore!

    Hey everyone, I've had a 1 owner 01 explorer for just over a year now. It had an aftermarket alarm that was nothing but problems, so I removed it and bought a factory key fob. Works fine. But now after remove the aftermarket alarm my windows, dome lights, and entry lights do not work. Any help...
  14. R

    Mysterious cut wires (1 red 1 white) under seat. What are they?

    Howdy! I have a 2000 explorer sport (which is back on the road thanks to this forum!) that I'm trying to sort out. Whenever the car is on, the dash beeps as if something is not right, although there is no seat belt or air bag light on. I looked under the seat, and found a wire that had been cut...
  15. cbasssssss

    2017 Headlight Wiring Question

    Hi everyone, this is my first post! Anyway, I bought a LED "Ford" emblem for the front grill of my 2017 Explorer Sport. The Ford wording lights up when power is supplied. I'm trying to wire the new emblem to my headlights so it will turn on when the headlights turn on. But I am having trouble...
  16. D

    Stereo Wire Identification

    Undid the absolutely horrid wiring job that came with the stereo in my Navajo. Surprisingly, the guy who did it left the Ford 8-pin stereo harness. Lucky me! I didn't have that luxury last time. I've identified 5 of the 7 wires. Listing from left to right: Blue - Amplifier Remote Green/Black -...
  17. E

    Turn signal/reverse and brake light fuses keep popping!!

    long story and I’m lost at this point. So about a month ago, my right rear turn signal wasn’t functioning. I figure it’s just the bulb and replace it. Still does the same thing, solid glow instead of blinking. It didn’t blink in the hazards as well. After a couple it days it was functioning...
  18. E

    99 ford explorer lift gate issues with power

    I'm having a few issues with what I believe is the wiring in the lift gate. Door ajar light is randomly on, generally goes off like crazy when going over bumps. I have tested the other doors, it is the rear hatch/liftgate. I have used wd40 like some other posts have mentioned. I am also...
  19. 0

    Radio keeps shutting off every 50 seconds

    I have a 2000 ford explorer 2wd, when I got it, it had a number of electrical issues, but I'm stumped on this one. I replaced the connector that goes into the stock radio because it was damaged and no longer fit, I noticed that the people before me had already swapped them out. When I connected...
  20. J

    Coil Wiring harness question

    So I've owned my 04' Sport Trac Adrenalin for 6 years now and have done all my own maintenance including plugs/wires, oil changes, transfer case swap, winterizing, etc. Today I was under the hood trying to diagnose my AC System and found something odd. I pulled on a piece of conduit that...
  21. N

    Wiring new upgrade lights

    Hi everyone, I have a 01 base model sport trac and I want to install new OEM fog lights with halo lights inside,also halo lights inside of the headlights, and rock lights installed in the wheel wells as well as lights under the hood and maybe some extra aux lights. So, I have a base model ST...
  22. Rhett

    headlight switch connector question

    So I had some intermittent blinking of my interior lights. Knowing the ol fried headlight switch issues we sometimes have, I pulled the dash and pulled the switch and its connector.... Yeah. Ouch! And the switch is getting replaced too. The resistance and heat there got the switch too...
  23. M

    2007 Ford ST wiring

    So I bought a cb radio the other day, and I need to know how to wire it up. Would I connect it to the battery? I'm new to all this stuff so I'm not too sure. How do I get the wire through the firewall? Thank you
  24. R

    Brake lights not working on my 98 explorer xlt

    the brake lights are not working on my 98 explorer xlt. The tail lights, directionals and backup lights work. Can you offer suggestions to check. I’m at a loss as to what to look for now. Randy D
  25. C

    Solenoid Wiring Question

    Usually I snap a quick photo on a job like this, so it's a no-brainer to put it back together, but didn't have my phone handy... So, I pulled this solenoid off my '97 Explorer to bench test it 'cause I'm troubleshooting starting issues. It worked fine on the bench: good solid click on/off, with...