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xlt 99 ford explorer

  1. drakeguy22

    blown transfer case

    hey all, blew my transfer case the other day on the lake... so i found a few new on www.rockauto.com but there upwards of 850 bucks!!! so I'm going to take a trip to the junkyard. my question is what to look for??? I'm unsure of the tcase in mine. its a 99 xlt, sohc, with 4auto,4hi,4low on the...
  2. ArcKamikaze

    O/D Light Question, Need Help

    Hi, just joined forum, have a question about my 1999 explorer (V6 SOHC) involving the O/D light blinking, I've looked all over the forums to see if I could find a solution but couldnt find one. Basically my situation is that my truck drives fine, starts up good, aside from the rattle (guessing...