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‘Ol Blue

My names Billy and I figured I would share my explorer and tell a little about it. Pops bought this brand new back in 92. After countless miles all over the US in the backseat of this car, it was given to me when I got my license and survived me through high school and college. Got my first job, and “that old explorer” had to go, so pops took it back. He drove it on and off over the years, and it started to show its age and he got tired of spending money for it to sit most of the time. He had toyed with the idea of getting rid of it but just couldn’t bring himself to do it so he kept it. Well this last winter, the starter went out on it (original one I might add,) and it was just reason he needed to let it go. Well, like I said, that car has been a part of my life, so I couldn’t stand to see it go to the junk yard. So after all those years it’s back in my possession. So it’s my goal to get her back to pristine condition (As much as I can anyway.). This is the only pic I have right now, right after I washed 20 years of filth off of it. It’s still shines up pretty good!

Mr. Alligator

Elite Explorer
November 30, 2014
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Tampa, Florida
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1997 XLT Explorer
Looks great, and awesome history. Fix up sounds fun!

Good luck.

Billy Ridgeway

New Member
May 10, 2019
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Pinehurst, NC
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1992 Explorer XLT
Sure does, but with a wife in grad school I can only do a little at a time!! :dunno: