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“Explorer” on 3rd gen hood


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April 22, 2018
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Southwestern Pennsylvania
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2002 Ford Explorer XLT
After seeing how “Explorer” looks on the hoods of the new Sport Ex’s I said I had to have it on my hood. So I went to the junkyard and pulled the letters off of the door of my same body style Ex. I used 3M double sided auto tape to tape them on.




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mixed feelings/opinions here... I like the way it looks, but at the same time I don't think I'd do it to mine.

To each is own but I think that its awesome. It looks better than a bug shield in my opinion

Space them farther apart and it will look a lot nicer.

Span the grill at least.

You get an A for doing something.

I think that looks killer. Would be a beast to clean here in Florida though with the love bugs.

So clearly this is a bit behind but i had never seen a 3rd gen with the newer 5gen+ sport letters on the hood. I thought it looked very appealing so instead of just putting the chrome letters on the hood i actually bought the sport lettering kit and here is the final product.