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'00 brake help!


December 19, 2008
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98 Stock V8 XLT
I am prepping a complete 2000 rear axle assembly for an install. Hopeing you all can answer a few questions for me. :scratch:

1. I dont have the 4 caliper bolts I need(2 each side).
-what size and length are they?
-Do I need a nut to put on the back or do they just thread into the backing plate bracket?

2. I cant seem to get the rotors off. I removed a the 2 little retaining nuts.
-Could the e-brake be frozen? any ideas on how to fix?
-Is there a trick to pulling them off?

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Hey guys I really need help on this one. the couple bolts above are stopping an entire build. So far,

-The ford dealerships dont know
- local auto stores dont know
- if people on the forums dont know I am going to assume its the government trying to stop me from building a trail rig.

Don't know what size the bolts are, but you don't need nuts. I'm pretty sure you use a 15mm socket to install/remove them, but I don't know what the thread is. Definitely metric though.

Rotors may need to be knocked off. They have a tendency to corrode and stick to the hubs. Spray around the hub/rotor interface with PB Blaster and let it sit to loosen up the rust, then try hitting them from the rear with a rubber mallet if you need to save the rotors. If you don't need to save the rotors, use a regular hammer, but watch for pieces of the rotor breaking off (Wear eye protection). Heat can also help.

Some of the rotors have a small hole tapped into them somewhere near the bolt circle. You can put a bolt into one of these holes and use it to force the rotor off the flange. It will be a metric thread and somewhere around 7mm (guess).

Sounds like the (internal) e-brake pads have formed a lip inside the backside of the rotor.

Behind the rear rotors, there's a small cut-out window ... which is normally covered by a oval rubber cap. Use a small flat-blade screwdriver to peel it off to reveal the cut-out access opening.

The opening will allow you to use that screwdriver to "ratchet back" ... thinking if you can draw the ratcheting wheel downward for a few turns... should reduce the width of the e-brake pads... might take a few times to get it freed up.