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00 fit 98?

I didn't get many answers to my question about my tires(thank you RangerX for helping), so I'm asuming my tires are an embarassment and that 2WD don't get much play here. Last thing I want to know is if 16" stock tires off a 00 sport will fit 98 sport?

Ignor this post, my father just traded his 00 Sport for a 01 XLT. Crap there went my 16". Anyone know what the biggest 15" I can put on a 98 Sport?

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2WD's have just the same amount of play here as 4WD's Do!!! just ask TrckMagik! the bolt pattern is the same from 1991 thru 2002. Don't let the fact that someone doesn't reply to your message mean that your not wanted here! we all are welcome here me, you, the Young, the Old, the Guys, the Gals, etc.....

those tires are interchangeable. no prob at all.

what rims does your 98 have? you selling them? Thanks

A Little off Topic

If I wanted to put wheels from a later model explorer on my 93 would I have to do any modification to the wheel. I think I remember something about the hubs on the earlier models not fiting through the wheels or something like that.


Any wheel from 91-02 well fit any explorer. But you have to get long lugs if you have a 91-94 and get a newer explorer wheel, because the 91-94 had screws to hold the center cap on, and the 95-02 just go over the the lugs. I might be wrong, but i don't think i am.