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'00 XLT add-a-leaf question


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May 30, 2001
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'00 XLT
I am looking to install an add-a-leaf to correct the 1" rear sag I have before its time to start towing the boat again. While looking at my existing leaf pack yesterday, I noticed that each leaf has a pad clipped to the end of it, I assume to cut down on rubbing and such. Does the add-a-leaf pack (specifically the EXP Pro Comp #13120) come with these pads or is this something I need to find separately?

And before I get too involved in this project, these are the correct leafs for a 2000 4dr 4wd right? TIA


I called Summit Racing yesterday and they said that part number is a generic for midsized pickups/suv with a 2.5" rear spring. They are pretty cheap as well. Listed for 26.99 at their web site. I hope it works. Should give about 1.5" of lift.

As far as having friction pads, I dunno! I couldn't find them on Explorer Pro Comp's web site. You should look into getting a set of Warrior shackels. They are cheap and would give about 1.5" of lift too. It won't stiffen your ride though!

Good luck! :thumbsup:


Thanks, that what I figured. I'm still a little torn between shackles or the leafs. I plan on running the stock 15" tires for a couple more years, so I'm not looking for a lot of lift right now. I figured the leafs would be better for carrying loads and towing, but the shackles are probably a lot easier to put on. It seems to be a toss up as to what people around here prefer as well.