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'00 XLT - Want to do a Body Lift


March 12, 2008
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Guelph, Ontario Canada
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2000 XLT
So i've got a stock 2000 xlt 4 door and I want to put on 2" shackles, do a small TT and now i'l thinking a 2" body lift would look good after seeing everyones pics.

How tough is it to do a body lift. I can't go to crazy becuase I can't weld. I'm sure I could get some help, but don't want to have to fab stuff up too much. Who can tell me were to buy a body lift for a 2000 X?

Any hints, tips or before after pics would be helpful.
And what about bumpers? will they need to be modified to look normal after?

Thanks, all help is appreciated