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01-03 Sport/Sport Trac similarities


March 17, 2014
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2011 Ford F-150
Is it safe to assume that the 01-03 Explorer Sport and 01-05 Trac share a lot of common parts, both OEM and aftermarket? From what I can tell they both seem to be a "Gen 2.5" explorer. Let me know if I am way off base here. Considering a Sport for the shorter wheel base.

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You are correct.

Thank you, I think I have a job 2 but the thread I linked was a 2000 sport. All I'm interested in is the wires for the door harness. Basically I wanted to know, for example…if the wire for the 2000 sport mirrors is Orange/green is it safe to assume it will be the same colors as my 02 trac (same for the locks, mirrors, speakers etc) or did they completely use different colors. I know it's not 100% but for similar features.
I just found, on another thread, a user name/password to a link for vehicle diagrams, so I have those but it's hard for me to understand completely. Sorry if I don't make sense.