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01 and 03 Explorer Sport owner


March 26, 2012
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01 & 03 Explorer Sport
Hello all, name is Phil. I have been around these forums for many MANY months and have read a ton of the helpful repair posts in the forums. I had actually thought I already posted a "I am new, look how shiny and clean I am", but I guess not. So here it is. :)

As I mentioned, I am Phil, 36yr old, live in da burbs of Chicago, work as a Inv. Manager, Warehouse Manager, Quality Control, Computer/ Network tech, blah blah for a small Manufacturing company. In my spare time it seems I have picked up a side gig of fixing peoples vehicles and I get to make a little profit on the side. But my main repairs go to my 02 Saturn SL (180,000+ gas saver) and my new baby, 01 Explorer Sport 4x4 V6 (165,000+ gas hoarder). My better half has a 03 Explorer Sport 2wd V6 with just 120,000+.

I have been on here to read up so many things and the people that have added their wisdom, I will be forever grateful. Now, I must admit, I do have a question. I have used the search section a lot today and did not find anything yet. My 01 Explorer runs great, it makes some chirps or squeaks when it idles, but that I can diagnose myself or with past forum posts. What my big issue is......

100% of the SUV the paint is cracked, chipped, coming from under the paint it seems. Does anyone know a post in these forums that lead to questions and answers on this manufacturing defect?

I wonder what was better. Sand the whole thing like crazy, or was it possible to replace everything. I don't even know if you can replace all of the outer body.

thanks !!!


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November 11, 2005
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