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'01 EB Ex V8 bogging at full throttle

Joe Dirt

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October 4, 2007
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07 Camry
I will instead channel efforts into reposting my Bosch spark plug review, from some time ago.

Blast from the past...

I also did some wrenching though... Had to replace the old Bosch plugs. These look nice- look at the starburst of energy!!!


...gee Wally, those spark plugs must be the tops!

Sorry Beav, not even close.

Let's do some reading...

According to Matt Hallis, Product Technical Support Manager with Robert Bosch Corporation (a leading manufacturer of spark plugs) “The material and design of the center electrode plays a key role in determining the spark plug's heat range,” explains Hallis. “For example, the heavy-duty copper core electrode in Bosch Super plugs is designed to quickly reach its self-cleaning temperature so as to prevent fouling in slow-moving city traffic. Heat dissipation is also accelerated during highway driving.” In premium spark plugs, such as the Bosch Platinum series, these advantages are further enhanced.

The Platinum spark plugs feature a pure platinum center electrode that reaches its self-cleaning temperature in only seconds after start-up, and the heat-fused platinum center electrode also offers a much wider heat range than non-platinum plugs.

Bosch Platinum spark plugs are also available with multiple ground electrodes. They feature a “surface air-gap” design that extends the life of a tune-up. The preset gap does not require any re-gapping for the life of the plug. The Platinum2 spark plug has two ground electrodes, and the Platinum +4 features four ground electrodes, for maximum durability and performance.

According to Bosch, the use of Platinum +4 plugs can result in as much as four to five percent increase in fuel economy, plus an increase in performance and reduction in exhaust emissions. “Better accessibility to the air/fuel mixture and the resulting improvement in combustion efficiency with the surface air-gap design are the reasons behind these significant improvements,” explains Hallis.

Yeah. Ok.

Here is what came out of Deuce.


Let's have a closer look, shall we?

Here is the selling point of the Bosch Jesus plugs. That optimum cleaning temperature. I can hear the angels singing already.


Yeah, well let's look at the 10,080 mile old Bosch plugs, mated to my strong firing ignition which almost always used, and uses still, top tier gas. :rolleyes:

Honestly- the 230,000+ mile stock plugs that were in Snowball looked at least as good as some of these plugs.

We'll go in order from Cylinder 1 to Cylinder 8. Again- 10,000 miles on these pieces of s**t!











Hey- now it gets yummy!







Now, I'm just a wrencher, but honestly- I liked this line:

...and the heat-fused platinum center electrode also offers a much wider heat range than non-platinum plugs.
Yeah Matt, that's when they stay in the f*****g plug. They were just about gone in 6 and 7, and cylinder 8? What the hell was even firing? Was it a lightning bolt from heaven?

or maybe this one:

...the use of Platinum +4 plugs can result in as much as four to five percent increase in fuel economy, plus an increase in performance and reduction in exhaust emissions.
Translated, that means you'll experience that awesome fuel economy, as long as you don't have to accelerate, since if you're accelerating, you will experience missing, searching, and misfiring. The increase in performance is not quite accurate. Some people will, but you, on the other hand will experience a bad miss when you try to accelerate on the highway. That's after a fluttery miss between 20-30 mph. The reduction in exhaust emissions is kind of subjective, because basically what will happen is, since you're running Bosch plugs, your plugs won't fire for s**t. You'll toss codes. Lots of codes. DPFE codes. EGR codes. O2 codes. Then your fuel will go nuts, and well, yeah.

Out with the old, and in with the new. Honestly- stop putting these s**t plugs in your trucks! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Bad on the left, good on the Right. Bosch Jesus plugs on the left, Motorcraft your-s**t-just-runs-like-it-should on the right.


Motorcraft in. CEL off. No codes. Fluttery miss from 20-30mph gone.

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June 13, 2012
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Ha! I just got done giggling my ass off. Thanks for the laughs today Joe!


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May 6, 2013
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Bosch Sales Team: "The spark is strong in this one. If he could be turned, he would be a powerful ally."

Mr. Bosch: "Yes....I have foreseen it. Sneak into his garage and install the Death Plugs"


March 22, 2013
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2002 Explorer XLT 4x4
This post is for anyone having this problem w/out the bosche... :)

I went through the exact same issue, even took the manifold off again after replacement to make sure I didn't leave any gaps.

In the end, my situation ended up being clogged cats. Replaced the whole system with a direct fit from Magnaflow and now the Ex runs like a scalded cat! So for anyone else with this issue, after spending weeks making sure I had air, fire and fuel and doing every test imaginable... a new set of cats woke up the Ex better than it's ever ran before. Hope this helps someone else...