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01 Explorer Sport TTB, V8, 5spd, trail truck.

My tuff truck rebuild fell thru mainly because I missing having some extra room for buddies and hitting the trails. I have a ton of awesome parts in my orange ranger that I rolled, which is still usable for trails, but body is in bad shape. So i'm at a delima on what to do, the frames bent pretty bad on ranger also, so new body on it, is not in the works.

So I have thought long and hard about Rangers, Explorers and Bronco 2 and the current parts I have, and my prior builds Likes and dislikes. I think I have it figured out. Im going to use a 95-03 Explorer Sport Shell, prefer 01-03 I love the last front clip they had. Mount the body thoe on a 1st gen Explorer Sport frame and retain the TTB front. You might ask why, if I'm running Ifs I prefer TTB, and I have james Duff longarm front lift, so saves me money. Later down the road will be easier to SAS if I want to. I will have body off regardless of what Im building because, I'm going to install my Explorer 5.0 , 5spd and 4406.

So hoping for 01-03 Sport body
1st Gen Sport frame
james duff 6in longarm lift
have Limited slip front allready d35 3.73 gears
rear axle under springs, has detroit locker

2 in body lift


Bronco2 gas tank.

Goal would be to set it up for pretty hardcore trails, but able to drive to and from, so run sway bars with disconnects.

What does everyone think, I have searched and seen 2nd gen 4dr bodies on 1st gen frames, with main differance being front body mounts.

I have a possible 01 Sport with bad tranny located for cheap , but about 6 hrs from me, but Im actually traveling for work next week to area it is in, so trying to line it up.

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This is my prior build/going to be donor, I have 2 more races. Last one Oct 1 then I can tear it down.

heres my engine, tranny and lift I will be using.

Thanks, I was thinking the same, sent another email to person selling 01 sport with bad tranny, need there # confirm has title and i can pull trigger.

Thanks, I was thinking the same, sent another email to person selling 01 sport with bad tranny, need there # confirm has title and i can pull trigger.

If you are putting it on a first gen frame it should be registered as whatever the frame is, not the body, so a bill of sale would probably work...then again i could be mistaken.

Sounds cool! Been thinkin bout a 5.0/5 speed swap into my 97 explorer sport, this project gets my :thumbsup:

Well guys bad news it might not be a Sport. I just found smoking deal on 98 5.0 4dr eddie Bauer with bad engine, and has sunroof which i wanted and color i love!! Also i have access to 4dr 1st Gen frame allready..

But will still be 1st geb frame, 5spd, TTB, 2nd Gen body, Im heading out at 3:30 to go pick it up. :)

Sport 97 in Missouri, you register based on vin that is on the body, the frame doesnt matter. other states might be different

Gotcha... good luck with this. Should be another good project.

Super pissed! My brother just scrapped the 4dr, that I was gunna keep the frame and use, which frame was fine...........................

o he pisses me off, sorry venting hmmmm

he scraps so much good stuff *example running 5.0 explorer engine* yep thats right

what a day, this build keeps changinng, the guy said body was nice on the 4dr, well thank god some how he decided cause i couldnt get trailer that he would deliver for 50 bucks, so it shows up engin e suppose to be bad, but body good, it had body dmg all over and severe rear quarter panel hatch dmg. I was like um............. yea this isnt gunna work. so either take it back or price dropping. well he came off 400 bucks instead of hauling it back, got it really cheap, allready chopped cats, un bolted rearend to keep, nice 16in wheels and kept transfercase know someone that needs one, few other little things and is ready for scrap. Paying 240 a ton so should break even with some parts for free o well, back to Sports!!!! Search is still on..

This project is back in business, its been kinda going in stages.