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01 ranger ABS issues


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January 14, 2014
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2001 ranger
Ok I clicked into this and it said Ranger as well but now it shows only explorer. I hope this goes the right direction.

I have a 01 Ranger. The ABS started acting up, slow speed activation with no light.
Pulled to the left so I figured right side ABS sensor. Replaced right side sensor but still had problem. Replaced left side sensor and still issue. Replaced rear sensor and still issue. Also checked the tone rings and they appear fine.
Any ideas?
Going to replace ABS control module but have no way to program it. Don't really want to pay Ford to program it if it isn't the problem.

Any help here would be appreciated. Either programming module or suggestions on fixing ABS issue.


Very unlikely that the control module will fix your problem. That is a classic symptom of a bad sensor (I know you already replaced them), and probably the left front. Look for a wiring problem between the sensor and the module.

Very best option is to find out what's really wrong.

Probably the least expensive option is an inexpensive ELM327 OBD2 adapter, a bluetooth capable laptop and the Forscan app (free for Windows)

Another option is a Ford specific ABS fault code reader.

Still, symptom is classic failed front sensor and if not the sensor, look for a dirty sensor ring.

Got a feeling your both right, just let myself get frustrated.
Going to have another look at the rings and check the new sensors.
Also going to look into getting the testing equipment.
Will let you know how right you are when it's fixed.

Thanks for your input, was starting to give up on it.