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01 sport rear suspension sag


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March 3, 2014
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Bergen county, New Jersey
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2001 Ford Explorer Sport
Wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and how they fixed it... I have a 01 explorer sport with 90,000 and the rear suspension hangs lower then the front... I'm thinking about just ordering a set of helper springs to level it out but was wondering what others have done... Thanks in advance

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Monroe Sensa Trac Load Adjusting shocks solved my ass sag.

I put on the load adjusters and warrior shackles and it did the trick.

sag fix

I picked my a$$ end up 2 inches by installing the Monroe Trac Load adjusting shocks.
Short money and an easy install(after I dropped the spare tire)

The Load Adjust will fix the sag.
Mine had no sag and these actually gave me a nice lift in the rear.

Awesome... Thanks for the info guys going to look into the load adjust kit

I tried the load assisted shocks and they did raise the vehicle quite a bit. Then I realized that the shock bushings were supporting a lot of the weight so I decided to do it right and replaced the leaf springs. Not too expensive and the new springs with the load assist shocks really make a difference. If you decide to replace the springs, do yourself a favor and buy new shackles and bolts. I had to cut mine off because the bolts were frozen in the spring bushings.

Any unexplained rattles or squeaks in the rear,,,,,Just be sure to Check your body to frame bushings. I just replaced my and the rear is now back to normal. It was low.

See the post 02 Explorer body to frame bushings,, just posted... as far as i know all explorer sports have this problem..

Does anyone know where I can find the stock height (top of wheel well arch to the ground) for the front and rear of a Gen II 4 door?