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01 sport Trac bank 2 running lean


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January 6, 2013
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01 explorer sport trac
My 01 Sport Trac 4.0 keeps tripping the engine light and saying bank 2 is running lean it also hard to keep it running at a idle when it's cold, has anybody else ran into the same type of situation and have any ideas of how to fix it

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I believe I have the job one engine so I still go through and check the PVC valve

check egr as well. could be leaking there as well. Take choke cleaner with the truck on and spray anywhere there are hoses. If it revs the engine, you have a leak and replace that part. the gaskets around the egr can break down. as well

Ditto MyTrac. The carb/choke cleaner should pinpoint your leak(s) quickly.
What p0 code number? The Job 1 has a history of failed intake gaskets.

I can't remember the the p0 number but it just said bank to is lean and orielly auto parts gave me a print that said check everything on the hole truck

those reports are too general. can u describe what was happening with the truck when the CEL came on? Describe to me driving habits, engine noise, how you get on the pedal at lights, etc...

I believe I just figured it out, I ended up taking the fuel rails off and pulling the injectors and a few of the o rings were real bad and appeared to be mixed matched from the last time they were replaced, so went ahead and replaced the intake gaskets while I was in there and it's running great now. So it might if been a mixture of the the intake gaskets and the injector o rings being bad and the cold weather brought those two things out because it ran great in the summer when I purchased it or it was just time for those to be replaced