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'01 Sport Trac coolant leak


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December 7, 2008
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North Carolina
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'01 Sport Trac
Having trouble running down a coolant leak. Have been smelling antifreeze every morning for a while but never left a puddle under any of our vehicles. Yesterday noticed a small green puddle while at Wal-mart. Checked fluid level and everything is ok, cannot see where it is comming from. Today I bought a pressure test kit to pressurize the system and see if I can tell where it is comming from. No luck pumped it up to 15psi and let it sit with no change for over an hour. Only thing left is to replace the radiator cap and hope that fixes the problem. And yes I checked to see if any coolant was in the oil and it is fine. Exhaust is clean with no moisture blowing out the tailpipe either. I am at a loss. Am I missing anything? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

PCV valve is water heated, was the puddle below the drivers vavle cover?

Welcome fellow North Carolinian! Where are ya?

Was the system hot or cold when you pressure checked it?