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01 Sport Trac Headlights/Fog Lights Will Not Turn On


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September 10, 2009
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Orlando, Florida
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2001 Explorer Sport Trac
2001 Sport Trac

Headlights & Fog Lights will not turn on. When I turn the headlight switch, the highbeam indicator comes on, but no high beams. Dash lights/parking lights/indicators all work.

When I hit the fog light button to the right of the radio, the light that indicates the fog lights are on does not come one.

I have checked/replaced every fuse that references headlights/fog lamps.

I have replaced the multifunction switch & the headlight switch, but no luck.Both wire harnesses for the multifunction switch, and the headlight switch look to be in good order. No real corrosion or wear and tear is visible.

I have not replaced the headlight bulds, because I would not think both bulbs, and fog lights would go out at the same time.

I have not replaced any of the relays under the hood. In the owners manual there is no reference to headlights, but there are two fog light relays: Fog Lamp Isolation Relay & Fog Lamp Relay.

Any thoughts? I am at a loss.






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That's odd, you get illumination in your gauge cluster, but your headlights don't turn on? Do your brake lights come on when you step on the pedal? Do your rear tail lights light up when the switch is on? Have you checked your continuity in your wires? I had the same problem and the wire had actually been severed while off roading.

Hey. Were you ever able to figure the problem out? I'm having the same problem with my '04 Limited.

This purely a guess on my part, but do you have the autolamp feature? if so, try unplugging the connecter on the back of the mirror to see is maybe there is a short being generated from there.

Same issue with my 05 XLT. Fuses are all fine. Is it a relay? Did anyone solve this issue?