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01 ST Lower Oil Pan Gasket Replacement - Assistance Appreciated!


August 6, 2013
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1994 Ford Ranger
Hi all,

I hope everyone's ST is running better than mine!

I have a leaking oil pan and/or a rear main seal leak.

I really hope it's not the rear main seal because I was told the transmission would have to be removed for it to be replaced. Does anyone know if that's true?

That's something I can't afford at the moment so I'm going to be replacing the lower oil pan gasket to eliminate that variable. I've had two different mechanics tell me two different things so I'm hoping one of them lied about the rear main seal just to get the bigger job.

In any case, can anyone who might have done this give me some tips?

It doesn't seem like too tough a job but I'm not sure how tight the bolts should be or if I need to completely replace the oil when I'm done...

I'm also not sure how to drain the oil in the first place. Is it hard to do?

Any insight appreciated as I'm hoping to save myself from having to pour some stop leak in the crankcase...or even worse...drive it with a rear main seal leak and damage it.

Will that damage it?

Ughh. I know there are a few questions here but I really would appreciate the help!

I wouldn't put stop leak in. If its a rear seal either the transmission needs to be dropped or the engine taken out as it is on the crank, which connects to the flex plate, which drives the transmission, which means no access. The lower pan uses a reusable rubber gasket, odds are its not leaking. the upper pan or cradle is a different story. It uses a 4 piece gasket that uses silicone at the joint between rear and side of the gasket. It could very easily be leaking. Problem is with it, the engine needs to be lifted in order to get it out, and it too is quite a big job. If you cant drain your oil yourself, all of these are far beyond your mechanical ability to repair.

I agree. These are fairly advanced repairs. If you've never changed the oil, you are likely going to be in way over your head. Keep the filled, and either find someone who can direct you in person, or save up and have it professional repaired.