02-03 engine has RED injectors. My '04 has white.. | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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02-03 engine has RED injectors. My '04 has white..

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anyone have a link to info?


I know that the 02-03 Explorer has a different fuel line set-up than 04 and up. That would be the only reason I would think of the color change.

Not tring to high jack your thread but I have a question you might could answer.

If your engine was a 4.0L how hard is it to remove the plendum???

Any tips on making it easier?

I have to change my valve cover gaskets and I am also going to remove the injectors and give them a good cleaning.

I know that the 02-03 Explorer has a different fuel line set-up than 04 and up. That would be the only reason I would think of the color change.

More like almost everything is different when they changed to Drive-By-Wire (DBW).....

I will post pics tomorrow...

*fuel rail assembly differnet with grey intermediate hose vs black on '04.....
*Injectors color coded RED bands
*Fuel Pressure regulator slightly different shape
*Main harness totally different
*EGR tube and electrical connections TOTALLY different, with an extra sensor on '02-03 models
*Upper Plenum/Elbow is different with different vacuum connections
*Power brake Booster hard line and hook up different
*Main Belt Tensioner has different tabs/tangs

I am sure there will be other stuff I uncover..

And these are all for "identical" 11-bolt engines.

I was amazed I literally have torn the donor engine down to the raw long-block with intake...

My original concern is 182,000 mile WHITE '04 injectors vs available 65,000 mile RED '03 injectors... but... everything looks great and no build up or obvious sludge on the injectors... I found a set of '04 white injectors on eBay for $25 shipped. So I will wait till they arrive and send them to RC and have them cleaned and balanced.. easy weekend swap down the road.

LAst thought: why in the world does this stupid truck need FOUR O2 sensors at $80 muther-loving a piece!!!! :mad:

using the 65,000 mile front o2'a and will hope the rear's will last until after 1st of year bonus arrives....


Ah, I did forget about the drive by wire change, but it still was in the same year, 2004. I dont know if you have O'reilly auto part stores, but they have a bosch O2 sensors, which I have heard good on for about 50 bucks a piece. You shouldnt need to replace the downstream sensors, just the upstream. Quite a suprise how many minor changes were made between the 03 and 04 models. Good luck with all the rest of your fixes.

thanks... I will be using the "barely broken in 65K" o2's from the replacement engine up stream.

My neighborhood O'reilly has a plaque in dedication to me , with all the $$ I have spent with them, 4 states 5 phone numbers, 9 zip codes... all since 2000... lol... I refuse to shop at Autozone, and will only do warranty swaps from my previous stupidity (which can be frequent swaps).... live and learn. OH and they carry my fav car air-freshener...

as for 02-03 VS '04 DBW... we shall see... I am wrapping up the swap Thrusday night...

its gonna be purdy.