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02-03 MAF Housing with 04 MAF sensor

David Marquez

March 8, 2008
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New Braunfels, TX
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2010 Limited AWD
OK guys, I want a real CAI from K&N for my (04) 4.0L....so, i'm gonna construct my own MAF unit for my X. I went to the local junk yard today and picked up an 02-03 MAF housing from an explorer for my mod. I intend to use the mounting plate from the 03 MAF (see pic) and dremel it out (as well as the housing unit) to make the 04 MAF sensor fit. This will eliminate any wire splicing and should provide a perfect fit for K&N 57-2537 CAI kit. What do you think? I also snagged the crank case vent tube for a perfect fit. I've got to work tomorrow but will work on the mounting plate for the 04 MAF. I'm gonna go out on a limb and order the K&N kit as i'm confident this setup will work. :usa:

1) pics below show the 02-03 MAF Housing with MAF removed
2) original maf with cover removed to expose the mounting plate that i'm going to dremel out to fit the 04 MAF sensor to mount to it
3) a pic of what it SHOULD look like when I'm done!



  • 02-03 MAF Housing.jpg
    02-03 MAF Housing.jpg
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  • 02-03 MAF housing with 04 MAF.jpg
    02-03 MAF housing with 04 MAF.jpg
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  • MAF mounting.jpg
    MAF mounting.jpg
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Nate tried this I think? dunno mate, Caldwell is the man when it comes to 04-05 cai. But hell what do I know(not much actually)
but check out Nates cai it looks..awesome

Bueler, bueler, bueler.....anyone, anyone....thoughts?

Roll call....Nate....Caldwell....

Really, we can't keep the spam out of here?

I don't think it'll work. But keep us updated.
I tried something like this and my Ex threw itself into Fail Safe Mode. Good luck though. Just buy the spectre MAF sensor housing; that's what I'm using. Then just buy yourself some autozone intake parts.
Spectre MAF sensor housing

Really, we can't keep the spam out of here?
I know. Don't understand what that has to do with an 04 MAF sensor.
If you haven't seen my intake, here it is: (I have an 05 4.0L)


Thanks, but due to time and other competing requirements i've scraped the idea of this mod. I'm now in favor of doing what you and Caldwell have done on the stage 3 intake. It's simple, clean and effective...and it works. I'd like to fabricate a heat shield similar to the K&N design. I cant remember, but another member did a really

nice job on a heat shield and painted it with wrinkle paint. Sorry for the double post...i'm all thumbs this evening.

Keep us updated on what intake you will eventually use.

I don't know if anyone has done this before with an 04 4.0 litre, or maybe I was just stupid enough to spend so much money to do it. I kinda bought this volant air intake not knowing there was such a big difference from the 03 to 04. So I figured I was already out $356 whats another $100 right?

So I bought the spectre housing adapter ($50).


Also had to buy a vibrant connector that stepped from 3.5" down to 3" ($35)


Went down to a fab shop I used to work at and dug through their scrap bin and scored a piece of aluminum. I used a 3" hole saw to drill a hole for the housing adapter to sit in, then drilled four holes to be bolted on to the air box. I took it back to the fab shop and had them weld it together ($20). He had to weld it on the inside otherwise it would have warped the adapter. I had to grind the weld down so that the sleeve would fit. This is how it turned out.







It's been a week now and hasn't throw a code. If it hasn't yet can it still? I can definitely notice a power increase and much louder sounds awesome. Love it so far. Also went to a local shop to inquire about the cost of a volant and they were going to sell it to me for 430+ taxes. I purchased mine off f car id for 356 + another 105 for the other parts.

Maybe i'm crazy???

Wow... Quite an impressive set-up. I give you two :thumbsup: :thumbsup: for this.
Only things you will need to watch for is the MAF sensor as it may dirty up from an over oiled filter and any possible leaks in the system.

Ya I cleaned it before I put it back in and I was reading some posts on over oiling these types of filters... so I watched a pretty good video on youtube about how to do it hahaha. The thing I liked about the volant is that they claimed you only have to oil every 6 months compared to 3 for the k&n. Although I will probably do it every 4 ish. Ill have to see how it goes. Thanks for the info on the spectre adapter very helpful. :)