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02-05 V8 fuel pump access hole pics


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November 9, 2012
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2003 XLT 4.6
I am in the process of swapping out my fuel pump for an Aviator fuel pump and thought I would post some pics. I used some pics I found in another thread as reference but the other pics are for an 05 and it says it's a flex fuel vehicle so it is a 4.0. My fuel pump retainer ring is different (thick plastic ring instead of thin metal ring) and my lines were ran differently so I wanted people to see them for reference and not accidentally cut through them. Also, mine had an additional fitting that I almost cut through by mistake because the picture I used for reference didn't have this fitting. I used a sawzall to make my cuts. I also measured how far down you would have to cut to miss the fitting entirely (3" from the little rubber plug). Hope this helps someone out.

Picture I used for reference (thanks High_Order1)

My pics:

Note: this pic is taken from where the front seat would be facing the back of the truck so the fuel lines run toward the outside of the truck instead of towards the center.