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'02 BlackTrac on 35s

Finally got around to making a profile for my Sport Trac. Havn't had much time to do anything with it yet but drive it back and forth to work. Havn't even washed it yet since I bought it cause it's too damn cold!

Anyway, here's the specs:

From the Factory:
2002 Sport Trac 4x4 Base Model
5-speed manual
Black Exterior, Grey Interior
3.73 Open
Power windows/doors/mirrors
Cargo cage

On it when I bought it:
4" Superlift with Rear Springs and Front Driveshaft
Torsion Twist and Warrior Shackles
StreetLocks 16x10 wheels
315/75R16 Goodyear MTRs (35s)
Custom Front Bumper (Lotsa steel, lotsa gussets, shackles)
PIAA 520 Fogs
Ford Class III Hitch
Clear Corners
Black Alteeza Tail Lights
Poweraid Throttle Body Spacer
Tinted Front Windows

What I've put on it:
Upgraded front seats to premium cloth seats (Driver's Power)
Pioneer DEH-7600MP CD/MP3 Player
Rockford Fosgate P152S 5.25" Components in Front
Pioneer TS-D681R 6x8 Two Ways in Rear
JBL P180.2 Amp
Infinity 10VQ in sealed box
Vector 750W Power Inverter
Overhead console from Explorer (temp, compass, map lights)
Optima Yellow Top
35x12.5R15 BFG Mud Terrain TA KM (2-15-06)
15x8 ProComp RockCrawler Series 51 Wheels with 3.75" Backspacing
Superlift Front Skid Plate
Overhead Console (temp/compass/lights)
Shine by Griot's Garage Polish and Wax
Aussie Locker in the rear

Stuf I've had to fix:
-Clutch Slave Cylinder went out at 25k, just after I bought it. Must have been a fluke because these usually last as long or longer then the clutch.
-Goodyear MTRs were out of balance, out of round and worn funny. Original owner never properly balanced. Replace with BFG MTs.
-Front Differential. Due to the lift not being installed correctly (The bumpstop extensions weren't there) the suspension over traveled when offroading on compression and bent one of the differential drop brackets and cracked the diff case. Replaced the case with a used one, replaced the bracket, then decided to go back and double check EVERYTHING about the lift since it was obviously improperly installed. Everything else seems peachy.
-Both Upper Ball Joint. Had a little play in it, probably from the above bottoming out incident. Replaced with lifetime warranty Moog.
-Both Outer Tie Rod Ends. Boots had holes rubbed in them from the brake dust shield. Replaced with Moog and removed dust shield.

Plans for the future:
RCD Coilover Conversion with 2.0X6.5 coil-overs in front
Fuel Tank Skid Plate
Power Lumbar
Custom Rear Bumper to match front
4.56 gears
Underdrive Pulleys
Convert To Electric Fan

Don't really have any action shots. I'm always the one driving and I'm the only one that wants to use a camera! Here are some in my driveway for now...


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Did you ever get coilovers?

If you got coilovers that just bolt in, what kind are they and where did you get them? How much clearance from the CV shaft? How much $?

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nice trac u got there u got pics of the inside i wanna see the 5 spd stick cause i was thinking of converting my 01 sport to a stick.

Its too bad that front bumper is custom, I like the way it looks and wish I could get one to put on my X Sport.....

Would you be willing to snap some pics of that bumper from a few different angles. Maybe id be able to come up with one similar on my own. I think I live far enough away that you wouldnt hav to worry about have a copy driven around. Thanx....

hey is there anyway you could get me a pic of your interior, I would really like to do a 5spd conversion someday. How well do you like it?

Interior Pics. Basically its just a standard console with the shifter in the floor, nothing special. All factory pieces.

Manual is nice. Only time its bothersome is on the highway, when you don't really want to shift up and down (35s don't cruise in 5th up hills all that well). Around town though, I love it, its a blast.


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Here's what everyone has been asking for. Don't know why I never got around to taking pictures of the bumper, it took all of 2 minutes.... so here's for all of you that have asked in the last 3 years...... :rolleyes:

Basically, the bumper is made from a piece of C channel beam, with the flanges cut out at the ends so it could be bent around. The top plate is diamond plate, the inside of the bend is braced all the way around, and there are square tube braces running from the corners. In addition, there is also the receiver hitch in the middle. In all, its attached with 8 bolts. I've done my fair share of jerking people out and being jerked out with it and it hasn't moved at all.


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Can't see any of the pictures in this entire thread. What gives? I want to see your truck!:splat:

My firewall is blocking the photos here at my job. It can't identify the file type for some reason (I am the IT manager). No biggie, I had my wife send me the photos. Nice bumper. I may try to fab up something like that. Nice truck all around.

Thats so great I keep my Ka-bar in the same place in my X sport!

that makes three of us that have the ka-bar in the same spot hah very cool truck and i love the front bumper i need to make one similar for my 02 sport

finding rcd brackets is not going to be easy, you will have to find a used set,