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02 EB power seat blowing fuses...


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February 13, 2007
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Lawrenceville, GA
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96 V-6 2wd EB
I have searched every thing I can think of and still no luck. I have an 02 EB with the power/heated seats. It keeps blowing the fuse under the hood. Kicker is, it will pop the fuse yet the memory still works. Say the seat is in postion 1, and it moves to postion 2, it will not move back. The switches themself will not function, yet i slap a new fuse in, works fine, then the fuse blows. I realize I prolly have a short somewhere, but does anyone have any idea where I can look to solve this quickly?? I have not had my hands in this vehicle a whole lot, so i'm tryin to figure it out. I have learned the incalcuable value of these boards with the amount of knowledge I gained for my thunderbird off a similar board, so I know to ask the experts up front and not try to get myself lost beforehand. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.