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'02 Engine/trans Swap... Ideas?


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April 2, 2010
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Cincinnati, Ohio
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2002 XLT
I have an '02 Explorer 2WD w/ 4.0L SOHC w/ automatic trans...
I got the Explorer for a project...
Engine was driven with hot...
Current engine has 160k miles so not sure I was interested in rebuilding the engine that is in it.

Trying to consider options...
- find a wrecked 02 w/ under 100K miles and swap engine and trans
- find a used engine w/ under 100K and swap just the engine.
- buy a long block
- swap to different engine/trans comb... 4.6L maybe...

Should I have concern about the transmission (based upon mileage) and just swap at the same time?

other thoughts?

Trying to set a limit to $3,000 for the project...

Thanks for any advice in advance!