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02 explorer 4.0 No Rear Air/Heat


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December 27, 2018
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02 Ford explorer
hey guys
Trying to figure out how to get this heat Air for rear going?
i have Controls on Front overhead which controls heat and range, and a button for feet and mid. When I turn it on I do feel air coming out from 2nd row vents but only from top vents, when i press button to switch to floor vents the light on button turns green indicating floor, but it still blows from top vents.
next when I try using the controls for the 3rd row, nothing happens, to Air at all on any setting?
is the 3rd row controls on rear Heater core, Fan, module, Relay as 2nd row? or does 3rd row has everything on it own?
My SUV did not come with a owners Manual and i cannot find one to see where the fuses and relay are for heat.