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02 Explorer liftgate Window


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July 20, 2015
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2002 Ford Explorer XLT
Greetings...Problem here: "supposedly" 02 through 05 Explorer rear liftgate windows are the same, right? WRONG!!!!! My 02 has totally different connectors for defroster and wiper motor than an 03...even the mounts where the gas shocks are reversed!!!! My 02 has the gas shock mounts towards the bottom of window (towards top on the door) and the 03 has the mounts towards top of window and towards bottom of door...needless to say, they are not a DIRECT FIT! The mounts are removable...I guess I could drill the in the exact spot to take care of that problem...but the REAL problem is the wiring: 02 has 2 connectors coming from the rear decklid one with 2 wires ( I already figured that those are for defroster) and the other has 3 wires...the connector from the window (yes, there is only 1 connector) obviously will not fit...I cut the 2 from the defroster and hooked them up to the ones on the decklid door...this leaves me with 7 wires on the window's connector...remember? the connector at door only has 3 wires...the wiper motor has a black box that says Valeo, which I assume is the wiper control unit...does anyone know for a fact that the wiper assembly is COMPLETELY different from 02 to 03???

I see a difference depending on production date.

Was your vehicle made before or after 03/04/02?

Thank you...I knew there were differences! Date on mine says 09/08/01

From NAPA, you'd need item 492597.


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