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02 Explorer Transmission Leak


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January 9, 2019
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02 ford explorer
Hello all - On my sons 02 explorer transmission fluid is leaking from the top somewhere, not sure what could be leaking from up there but cant figure it out. I recently had the pan gasket replaced and the rear shaft seal as well, still leaking.

I used gunk to clean it all off and it is for sure coming from up top. My question is what is up there that can leak? I can see a few sensors but are they vulnerable to leaking tranny fluid?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Does this transmission have a dip stick? Or fill from the pan. If it’s a fill from the pan the breather is on top of the transmission and exits at the bell housing. If overfilled it will spit out fluid.

It is filled from the pan. It continues to leak and I have to fluid as it seems to not engage or shudder a little, refill and then it’s fine for a little while.

I am getting a flex camera to look on top this weekend to see if I can find something .

Was it leaking before you serviced it? Maybe the wrong filter as ther are 2 diffrent lengths on the pick up tubes.

Great point, not as bad as the leak was what prompted me to take to the shop. But I have never had to add fluid like I have recently.

Would the wrong filter make it leak out the vent hole???

I appreciate all of your responses

Thank you

Yes if the pickup tube is too short you will have to over fill the transmission and it will spit the fluid out the vent.

I’ll take a look. Thank you very much!!

Imp, the sensors are sealed with a single o ring. I don’t recall ever seeing one leaking, but for sure can say anything is possible in the transmission world.

Actually it looks like it is coming from one of the speed sensor but I didn’t realize that was a leak point. I was wondering was that exact thing in my original post, if you say those can leak fluid my money in on that is where it’s leaking.

Definitely coming from the top and the one senor closest to the front of the engine , I can see fluid on and around it everyone I clean it off. Looks like one little bolt holding it on, maybe worth changing out to see???

I said the one crowards the front as there are two sensors, are they both speed sensors?

Yes, there are 3 sensors on top of transmission and they all are the same. Held in by 8mm headed bolt. Make sure it’s not coming from above that sensor at the top of the bell housing. As that’s where the breather hose is.