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'02 Ford Explorer Sport Coolant Leak HELP!!!


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January 24, 2011
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Atlanta, GA
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'02 Explorer Sport
I noticed a coolant leak. We had it pressure tested to see what we needed to fix. They said the thermostat housing was cracked. So, we replaced the thermostat housing & thermostat yesterday. Filled it with coolant & water & started it to see if it leaked. Within 90 seconds all the coolant was on the ground under the car. With all the wires & crap in the way we can't exactly tell where it's coming from. Where should we start? Please HELP! Thanks.

Did you replace the upper AND lower thermostat housing?


check those hose that has the netting or heat guard on it...I had a leak was going crazy looking for it....It was leaking under the heat guard under it the hose had a crack in it...You can not tell there is a leak under there..I was checking everything..Was a stupid hose