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02 Merc Mountaineer code 733


February 6, 2008
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2002 Merc Mountaineer
Greetings all. Brand new to this site as well as new owner of the 02 Mountaineer V8 AWD. This last weekend, O/D OFF light blinking and "CHECK TRANSMISSION" on the message center. Prior to this, shifting was not smooth, but definitely didn't CLUNK from going into 2nd gear. Felt a "shudder" when it shifted into O/D too. Once the lights came on, the shift into 2nd gear was delayed until high RPMs. It would finally shift and then BANG into gear. The other gears shifted fine, but no O/D shift. So, took to tranny shop. They checked the code and came up with a 745 code indicated a solenoid pack A. Today, they changed it and test drove. Now, it will shift very smoothly 1st and 2nd...then a high rpm rev before shifting into 3rd, then very smooth into 4th and O/D. He said it then threw code 733. It will do this until the O/D light starts blinking again and then back to the CLUNK shift into 2nd gear. Seems like something not telling the tranny to shift at certain speeds. Could there be just some sensor that could be replaced to clear the code 733? Sorry if this isn't very technical. I don't work on tranny's and never have. Engine stuff, I'm OK with, but these scare me. Any help would be much appreciated!

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When I spoke to him on the phone today, he did not explicitly say that he did clear the code, but I didn't ask either. He did say that they don't see the 745 code now but instead, the 733 code. After the pack replacement, it shifts so much better, except for the hesitation and "slip" into third. The 4th and O/D shifts are so much better...until the blinking O/D OFF light and CHECK TRANSMISSION message...then the "clunk" shift into 2nd and no O/D shift. Just seems like one problem before the lights and another after the lights. Does this make any sense? I'm rambling...BTW, THANK YOU for the reply! I sincerely hope this can be an easy fix. Stu

I would suggest that you have the PCM flashed, and reprogrammed with a new tune. Ford actually programs a certain amount of slippage, but it could be fine tuned with the correct tool. You might even get better gas mileage as a result.

Sorry if this is a lame question, but who reprograms? Can a tranny shop do? The previous owner gave me all paperwork and there was a PCM reprogram at about 49,000. Then at about 51,000 the same solenoid pack was changed. Now that i have it, i have about 87,000 on it and did the pack today. Would this PCM flash fix do you think? Another question: Does this involve pan removal? Or is this accessed somewhere else? Can you tell i'm new to this vehicle?? :)

OK B.B. We took to another tranny shop yesterday. Hooked it up to his scanner and test drove. He suggested that since there is a good 5th gear, he didn't think there was anything broken. But, they are leaning to valve body rebuild because there might be a return spring broken, which they've seen before. Anyway, they want to start there to see if that is the fix. Do you have any input on this diagnosis? Oh, and he said they would check other solenoids to make sure they are OK and double-check the repair from the first tranny shop. Turns out, that shop has a "bad reputation" here in Wichita among other shops. Glad I got my car outta there! Stu

OK...got the bad news yesterday. Tranny needs to be rebuilt. Has to do with a servo piston shaft that has worn into the aluminum through which it passes. As he explained it, the aluminum material has built a "ramp" and is blocking the servo from moving in and out. This requires machining, which requires rebuilding. I do trust these people, they are very highly respected and come highly recommended. Cost of the rebuild is about $2100 with tax and comes with 24 month/24,000 wty. Hopefully, this will fix it all and I can get on with it. Thanks BB for your input. Stu

Sonnax makes a resleeving kit for this. How did they come to this conclusion without taking the entire transmission apart? I'm suspicious whenever a shop suggests a rebuild especially when they suspect internal damage.

To be fair, I don't know how far they pulled it apart to inspect. However, he did say that there is a bad band too for 3rd gear? So, they likely went further than just the pan. Would pulling the VB allow to make this diagnosis?

They might have tried to adjust the band. As for the resleeving, they would have to remove the servo which is difficult while it's still in the vehicle, but possible. It's not exactly a quick thing to do with the catalytic converter in the way.

Hey BB,

The shop said they have my Mounty done today. Will be able to pick up tomorrow. He said the 3rd gear band strut (I think that's right) had completely broken. He said that it definitely needed the work. Anyway, glad to have it done and hope I can have a few trouble-free years from the vehicle.

WOW! What a difference that made. The truck drives really nice! The shift sequence is as smooth as our car now. I hate it that it cost so much to do, but I do believe it was worth the $$. Now, how often to service?