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'02 Mount. 5r55w no 2nd & 5th gear

March 11, 2008
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Burlington, ND
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'94 XLT
A friend just picked up this auction special & found out the hard way why it was at the auction. I pulled the codes today at work & they are as follows:
P0732 Incorrect gear 2 ratio
P0735 Incorrect gear 5 ratio
P0775 Pressure control solenoid B

Any help would be welcome

Thanks, Shawn

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Shawn... this certainly "sounds" like it may be an electrical problem. What can you tell me about the transmission history... miles, what it came out of, year, etc?

You could also have some internal issue within the tranny...

Here's what I am going to suggest.... first I am going to assume you have the proper tranny for the vehicle in which it was installed. I am going to recommend that you change the fluid (or have it changed) if it was not changed at the time of the swap. THEN... AFTER a fluid change, pull the pan, change the filter and replace the solenoid block.

Will this solve the problem? Quite possibly, but this is more of a brute force approach (and one I don't usually like to take - throwing parts at a problem.) If it does not, the new solenoid block would be something I'd replace during a rebuild anyway.

Still... I think there's a pretty good chance this *might* solve your problem with the least hassle. But...NO GUARANTEES!

My friend just bought the vehicle last weekend at the auction, it was from a local dealer who must have taken it in as a trade-in. We haven't done anything to this vehicle yet, just coming up with a game plan.

Ok, what's the mileage ?

I took a closer look underneath of the Mount. when I got home today & there is a blue remanufactured tag w/ a serial number on it on the driver side of the bell housing. The truck has 125,484 miles on it. A Ford dealer tech over on the NLOC ( National Lightning Owners Club ) said it could be a bad inter. servo or broken inter. band.

Welcome to this forum! It could be the solenoid block or the internal wiring harness. The blocks tend to act up around 60K miles. Do you see any date with a label stating when this new transmission was installed?

We've been having alot of spring thaw the last couple days & my driveway is mostly gravel, needless to say I haven't been able to crawl underneath and look closer at the tag. We are going to pull the pan and see what we find & if nothing obvious there then we will drop the exhaust and pull the servo out.

2nd and 5th share the OD band and servo, not intermediate, but that is a possible.

Yeah the tech on the NLOC corrected himself with a second PM, it was 2am when he sent the first one. We may get a chance to check it out this weekend. As soon as we find out something I let you guys know.

UPDATE: We finally got a chance to look at the problem. Fluid is full, but it's dark & stinky, but not burnt smelling. We then checked the band adjustment & it took 7 full turns to get tight, then backed it off 2. We then took it for a drive, all the gears were there, but the 1-2 shift & 4-5 shifts were bump-slide shifts. We are suspecting a worn band is the problem. Thanks for the help, now to line up the time to pull it out & have it gone thru.