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02 mountaineer acting up (ele. Problem)


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February 24, 2008
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'02 Mountaineer
About 3 weeks ago my cars CEL came on but my car ran fine so I really didn't think anything of it. This was like 3-4 days after jumping a guys car at work. Well then a few days later my car starting acting crazy.. The trans wouldn't shift, od light starting blinking, engine temp would drop to zero then back to normal then zero. My message center said check trans, check engine temp.. I pulled into advance auto to have the codes scaned. The guy said like 17 codes came up from sensors all over the vehicle? He said go home unhook the battery for like 10 minutes. Well I did that and it worked like a charm, engine light went off and it ran fine ever since until today... It started doing the same thing, shifting funny, od light flashing, engine temp dropping and an erratic idle. I have the battery unhooked now to see if that helps., any ideas? Thanks


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Firstly, I'm not a mechanic. I'm the guy that tries stuff then has it towed. But...

I would suggest you get a hold of an OBD2 code reader. You can get a wireless or bluetooth one for under $15. I use the Forscan.org software which is free for Windows. It allows you to read and reset many of the important modules. For free it really is something. Plus you can post the results so we can see whats going on.


You may have 17 code errors but that doesn't necessarily mean you that many issues. Being that you were under the hood for the jump I would look to see if you didn't accidentally knock a vacuum hose or connection. It may also be a bad fuse or relay.

Ok. Thanks.. Just weird that it would come and go..

I'd buy that but I don't have a laptop.

There is also:

Clear the PCM adaptive memory

1) Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

2) Run a jumper wire from the positive battery cable to the now disconnected negative battery cable terminal. NOTE. Do this with the negative cable DISCONNECTED from the battery. The short circuit you’re creating here is designed to drain all power from the capacitors inside the PCM. Leave the jumper connected for about 2-mins.

3) Reconnect the negative battery cable to the battery.

Turn off all electrical accessories before proceeding. Turn off headlights, blower motor, radio, wipers, etc.

4) Turn the key to run and wait for all warning lights to turn off. During the period the PCM will command the throttle body plate to sweep from full open to full close to “learn” the new positions.

5) Start the engine and let it idle for a full 10-mins until it reaches full operating temperature. During this period the idle may be higher than normal. It should slowly drop as the engine heats up. Watch the engine temp gauge and note when it reaches operating temp. Then continue to let it idle for an additional 5 minutes. It will continue to adjust idle during this period.

6) Drive the vehicle at various speed so the PCM learns shift points.

I just went out and drove it for 20 minutes and it drove fine.. I just don't want to have to unhook the batt cables every 2-3 weeks. I'll try that pmc adaptive memory, thanks