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02 mountaineer brake issue


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February 24, 2008
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'02 Mountaineer
I'm having problems with the left rear caliper on my 02 mountaineer. When I hit the brakes it moves and clunks into the casting it bolts to. The caliper bolts are tight but you can move it by hand. Should it float like this? It's almost like the pads are a tad short and the bang around every time I apply the brakes?


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anti-rattle clips in place?

On mine, one day leaving work the inner pad fell out of the Left side and the piston pushed out into the rotor and I lost all brakes. I have no idea how this is even possible other than a poor design by Ford. The pads were worn to the rivets, but not grinding, then the thing clunked and the pad fell out! Unreal. So check your inner brake pads.

The pads are fine it's the caliper that you can grab and wiggle. The 10mm bolts are tight, it's almost like it's just wore out? The "bore" the bolts sit in seem to have a lot of slop.

Sounds like a bolt is snapped.

Been lurking here for a while since my old password is lost and I can't reset it because the email is no longer valid, (last used over 10 years ago)..registered again with my new email. Anyway, I have this identical issue on my 2004. No broken bolts, just a clank every time I brake and I can feel the caliper moving with my hand although these bolts are tight and the pads are new. None of my other Explorers or mountys have ever done this. I am thinking new calipers?

Yea this is pretty anoying

Got my account unlocked! guess it wasnt quite 10 years ago... I did change the rear wheel bearings on the noisy clanking side as they were toasted bad, but the noise didnt stop. I am wondering if driving it on bad bearings for so long wollered out the caliper...