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'02 Parking Brake Problem


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February 11, 2007
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2002 XLT
I went to replace the rear pads and rotors on my wife's '02 Explorer. When it came time to remove the rotor, I had to use a large 3 jaw puller to remove it. Turns out, the parking brake had been engaged while the car was being driven a few times, so when the rotor came off, it took the parking brake pad linings with it. It looks like a real pain to work on this now, the pins that hold down the shoes into the dust shield fell out, and the dust shield is bent. I don't know how much more will be involved getting this done, if anybody has any input or advice on what to do, man, I would greatly appreciate it.

They rub all the time

You didn't drive with them on, they touch about all the time. They also adjust temselves when you backup, so you have a self wearing out parking brake:( At least that is what I have determined from mine. My passenger side shoes fell off while driving, you could hear them rubbing the drum. Had the drums pulled to look at and replace the ones that fell off. The drivers side were worn down to nothing. I never used my park brake, so I know I didn't drive with them on.
Before pulling the drum (too late for you), you have to back the shoes off just like you would with any other drum brake vehicle. If you've bent stuff, grab a hammer and good luck.
They ain't easy to fool with.


Yeah, that seems to make perfect sense. In my haste, I never bothered to look for a an adjuster to retract the e-brake shoes before pulling off the rear rotors. Duh.
How ever, I did get everything figured out after working on it for awhile, and everything seems to be working nicely after installing new shoes and hardware. I do sincerely appreciate the response though.